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cover Title:True Love ŻuħĦ
Producer:Joseph Ip
Date of Release:May 22, 1990.
Ref.:843 285-2

From B.B.
April 7, 1998.
Rating: A+

This album is very difficult to find. This is my favourite album because all of the songs in this album are very good and the cover is very nice.

So, I think you can't miss this album.

From Aaron
July 3, 1996.
Rating: A

Even orange can make things look romantic... as seen on this album's art direction... kinda prefer the cassette's cover... i could see more of shirley's hair n the cover looks even more perfect due to shirley's pose...all songs were great esp track 2,6,8,9 n 10... a very romantic album... indeed... original compositios were seen better than cover versions in the albums... both original and covers were all made perfect by Shirley... not surprisingly.

From Frederick Koo
January 31, 1996.
Rating: A-

Jacket Design - I consider this cover picture as one of the best of all of Shirley's albums. There is no fancy packaging like the CD's nowadays, but the picture is a real nice one that captures the best side of her. The orange background and gold title match incredibly well.

Songs - Here are my favorites from this album:

Overall - The soft songs in this album are superb. Although she's been constantly changing her singing technique, she always possesses a unique interpretation style. By listening to her songs you can really get the "true" meaning of the lyrics. For those who missed her earlier albums, this should be the first one to purchase.
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