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cover Title:Lost in the Night ]gc
Producer:Joseph Ip
Date of Release:December 14, 1990.
Ref.:847 735-2

From Vanessa Kam
September 19, 1996.
Rating: A

I like the track #2 in this album the most!

From Perry
July 18, 1996.
Rating: A+

If you never listen to 'track 10' before, you never know what's the meaning of 'Romantic feeling'.

From Aaron Lee
July 1, 1996.
Rating: A-

This album does have the feeling of the night... if you know what i mean... anyhow, i love track 4 very much... dunno why but just loved it... much feeling were felt listening to it... this album has tremendously sexy photos of a lost girl in the night too...

From Samuel Yip
June 14, 1996.
Rating: A+

Song #10 is great! Never have heard such a BEAUTIFUL song before. Is it a very famous old classics or folk song? The lyrics are good also... Ah! What can I say then??

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