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cover Title:Love is Forever ʤ@@R
Producer:Joseph Ip
Date of Release:December 23, 1991.
Ref.:511 933-2

From Sam
July 12, 1997.
Rating: A+

Track #1 (once in a lifetime) was and still is my all time favorite song. Whenever i hear this song, i think of the puppy love relationship that i had a long long time ago. Because of this song, i will never forget my high school years. Back then, i couldn't even afford cds, i remember listening to this record on tape over and over again in my boyfriends car....Once in a lifetime i'll never forget you.

From Juliet-san
November 30, 1996.
Rating: A

Originally I bought the tape for the R&B song. I don't know how to read Chinese, but that didn't matter, because in the end, I got a really great album. I loved it so much that I now own 2 Shirley albums and I'm planning on buying another one!
From Faithy Leong
October 27, 1996.
Rating: B+

I can't really remember that songs on the album but I think it was pretty good. But I definitely remember ONE particular song that my sister and I have been searching for (cuz we saw it in Karaoke MTV) was in it, yup, Luv is forever.

That's one of my favorite Shirley songs, it's SOOOO good. The lyrics makes me think too...which makes the song even better cuz I know what she is talking about. Although this song is another remake of some english song (some Euro music I think, pretty good too, I heard it in my friend's car) it's still good. I think her version is better!

From Perry
July 18, 1996.
Rating: A+

This is what I call 'music'.

From Rick Eymer
June 27, 1996.
Rating: A

I discovered Shirley Kwan on a recent visit to Hong Kong. I wandered into "The Green Parrott," and while drinking a Heinken, saw one of her videos, "Dela" on the in-house screen. I'd have to say I was very impressed. I walked into an HMV store the next day, found she had several CD's available and purchased six: The Story of Shirley, Shirley in Concert (Dela), Suk'e, Montage, The one in which she is sitting in a chair, and Love is Forever, my personal favorite, especially track No. 10, which is also track No. 10 on disc one of her live CD. Since I don't read the language, I am interested in finding out the name of the song in English, and where I might find the lyrics. so far, despite not understanding 95 percent of what she sings, I still listen intently. She's got a great voice. I hope that she releases just one CD in English. In the meantime, she can sing to me in any language!

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