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cover Title:My Way
Producer:Joseph Ip
Date of Release:July 8, 1994.
Ref.:523 280-2

From Dickson
July 8, 1997.
Rating: A+

就個人口味而言,《真假情話》是最喜歡的一張Shirley唱片,但就製作水準而言,我相信《My Way》是最好的一張。雖然這張唱片仍有不少改編歌,但改編後的感覺仍然是很正的,就像〈繾綣星光下〉和〈告別戀曲〉就是兩首我很喜歡的歌。〈夜靠誰〉、〈心箭〉、〈Rumour〉也不錯,但最叫我歡喜的是〈平靜裡的一盞燈〉。這首作品實在非常出色,尤其是旋律、編曲和Shirley的演繹!這張唱片真正使Shirley由一個Commercial的偶像歌手成功過渡成為一個有強烈個人風格的實力派歌手。

From Frederick Au
April 14, 1997.
Rating: A+

Try to compare this album with Shirley's earlier works, such as "Happy Are Those in Love"; "True Love"; "Golden Summer" and "Creating Fascinating Dreams", U will note that Shirley has changed her way and style of singing. "My Way" testifies the fact that Shirley's singing skill has reached a highly sophisicated level. :)

I think Tracks# 2, 8, 9 is the best. My favourite is Track #8 (Farewell Love Song).

From Jimmy Lam
March 19, 1997.

This is the BEST album of Shirley! I'm agree that every Shirley Fans should have one!!

From Edgar Hung
November 2, 1996.
Rating: A

Excellent. Best one in her discography, definitely. Sings perfectly in Track2 [繾綣星光下]. I personally like Track 9 [驚世感覺]. Very psychodelic. Track 10 [偷取我心] as well. Others are not bad, but mentioned ones are relatively better.

From Forest
August 10, 1996.
Rating: A

The best CD yet.

They should have plugged Track 11 Inside & Outside of the Window.

From Aaron
July 3, 1996.
Rating: A

This is the album after shirley's hair cut... which seems most suitable for an album soooo cooool! for the first time... the music continues on (after track 4... same goes to track 9 which continues on to track 10)... this similarity is found in the later Ex All Time Favourites cd... My Way's lyrics kinda very fantasized n sad for me... on loneliness of a woman... i think... Shirley's voice emerged tremendously no matter at high pitch or low key... definitely a must-buy for all... ooops! i think it's too late to promote anyway...

From Frankie Woo
June 14, 1996.
Rating: A

It is the BEST Shirley album of all, including the music, the arrangement and others. Every Shirley fans should have one. DON'T MISS IT !

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