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Producer:Joseph Ip
Date of release:February 28, 1995.
Ref.:527 309-2

From Dickson
July 8, 1997.
Rating: A-


From Stephan Pun
April 3, 1997.
Rating: A

After listening to several chinese hits of Shirley, i can't help but to go get a Cantonese album of hers. I choose this album because i've heard a couple of the tracks and just simply loves it. My favorite song is track No. 4 because of it's wonderful melody. Overall this album provides a very wide range of music from soothing love songs to fast numbers as well. Overall i would recommend this album to those people who have yet to own any of Shirley's Cantonese album as a start because this album features the different type of music that Shirley is into.

From Joanna Wong
July 13, 1996.
Rating: A

It is extremely great!!!It is what real performance and interpretation!!! My most favourates are Track 4 and 7. Besides, the design of the lyric booklet is also very good. It match the feeling of the album. Oh, especially the cover picture. It is very worth buying.

From Aaron Lee
July 1, 1996.
Rating: A+

What I admired most from this album is the continuation of each songs to another... this made the album less boring for me... Shirley's interpretation was great and so was the mixing... definitely one of Shirley's Greatest effort... Especially luv Track 7,6,4,2 n 1... One won't feel bored at all with this cd around...

From Michael Yip
May 30, 1996.
Rating: A

Shirley really did a wonderful job on this album. She sang well, moreover, the cover of the CD was well designed. Actually, Joseph Ip also did a great job on producing and mixing the music. At last, I would like to recommend Forget Him, Sing A Good Song and Midnight Harbour.

From June Fung
Date: April 15, 1996.
Rating: A
From Kelvin Ang
April 8, 1996.
Rating: A+

Shirley's album is marvelous. She is brilliant in covering original songs by other artistes especially

I like her very very very much and I bought all of her albums. Shirley has an unique sound which other artistes don't have. Here, I wish her succeed in every undertakings.
From Dee Dee
March 26, 1996.
Rating: A+

I really enjoyed the covers in this cd! I know i've heard the originals sometime in the past when my mom played her music. Shirley adds a whole new level to these songs - enhancing the hits into even greater ones!!

From Herman Wan
February 21, 1996.
Rating: A+

The Greatest!! I love her so much. She has the unique voice that no one has. She bring a new life for them (songs). Of course I have this CD. Moveover, the MTV of "Forget him" is also very great. Thanks to the stylist Calvin of Le Salon because he made Shirley's hair look so great. If Calvin you are reading this review, I would like to give honour to you! Do you know I know Vivian Wong? I'm Herman! See you guys!

From William Wong
January 30, 1996.
Rating: A-

Mingpao critics have rated this as one of the best CDs of 1995, and I agree very much. This is a fabulous collection of Shirley's personal favorite songs, performed in her own speical style. All songs on this CD have been rearranged in such a way that a 1990's effect is created. Especially well-done is Teresa Teng's Forget Him, which was #1 for many weeks on Chinese music charts around the world, including Canada. This track was rearranged by Donald Ashley, who gave this classic song a very American-rock sound, illustrating Shirley's The Eagles influence.

Speak Your Heart has been rearranged to sound like a "Phil Collins" (Shirley's idol) love balad. Shirley's ability to hit very high, difficult notes is heard in her version of Jacky Cheung's Lay Heung Lan. PolyGram's superstars such as Jacky Cheung and Alan Tam have been invited to perform on this CD, with Jacky singing Ask with Shirley, and Alan singing Sing A Good Song with her as well. Shirley does a good job re-singing Leslie Cheung's Stop Playing, demonstrating her ability to sing to a "funky" dance-beat. In all, Ex-All Time Favorites is an exceptional CD displaying many styles of Shirley Kwan's vocal ability. This may be her best one to date...

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