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cover Title:On The Road Of Life 世途上
Producer:Joseph Ip
Date of Release:June 13, 1995.
Ref.:527 852-2

From Dickson
July 8, 1997.
Rating: B

Shirley的第三張精選唱片,除了〈一切也願意〉曾於《Shirley Kwan Montage 2: DELA》出現過之外,全都是首次收錄於Shirley的精選中。對於並未擁有很多Shirley唱片的人來說,應該會是很吸引的。新作〈人生可有知己〉使不少人感動,除了動聽的旋律外,亦因為這是Shirley演唱會的宣傳歌曲,令大家想起Shirley在這些年於樂壇中的浮沉。〈夢劇場Rock Version〉和〈可惜〉的收錄也是一個驚喜,當然少不得〈告別戀曲〉、〈繾綣星光下〉和非常非常正的〈夢伴〉啦!這張唱片最叫人意料之外的是另一首新作〈他需要你•她需要你〉。這首作品是Shirley的第一首另類作品Alternative song,亦揭示了Shirley隨後的新風格。後來的作品無論〈月光曲〉、〈繾綣28800BPS〉、〈忘記他是她〉、〈自言自語〉、〈雲上舞〉和〈傳染〉等全都是這個新風格的延續,亦展示了Shirley的另一面貌給我們。

From Michael Yip
May 30, 1996.
Rating: A

I think it is our fortune to have Shirley sings for us. Moreover, I think Shirley has the greatest improvement compare to the other female singer in Hong Kong. Within this album, there are 14 new songs and two new songs. He Needs You, She Needs You, and Are There Any Real Friends in Life, are the new ones released. Both of them are really good, though I have never expected that, He Needs You, She Needs You, to be as good as the other one. The other songs that I love include, track 6, 10, 11 and 12.

From Stephen Gong
April 27, 1996.
Rating: A

I think this is my fourth CD of Shirley Kwan and I love every bit of it.

From Jose Kung
March 27, 1996.
Rating: A

In this album, the most impressive song is He Needs You, She Need You. Shirley invented another new singing style in this song, which is unique. I love this style so much and I think there can't be another singer on the world can do this so smoothly and with confidence. Are There Any Real Friends In Life is also as great. The style of these two songs are totally different, but Shirley can perform both of them so perfectly. The only thing that I do not like of this album is some of the songs are not the greatest hits of shirley. Otherwise, I will give this album A+++++++.

From William Wong
February 6, 1996.
Rating: A-

This CD is a high-quality collection of Shirley's best works prior to 1995. New releases include Are There Any Real Friends in Life, He Needs You, She Needs You and Pity (Mandarin version of the hit remake Forget Him). He Needs You, She Needs You represents the experimenting of a new style for Shirley... combining rock with the traditional Chinese folk sound, plus a dance beat. This track may not have an instant appeal, but will "grow" on you... I promise! Are There Any Real Friends in Life was a big hit for Shirley in 1995, a new track at the time of this CD's release. Many believe that this is Shirley's most emotionally-sung piece, and thier argument is quite valid. Shirley sings this easy-listening ballad with much emotional energy. Pity is an acoustic version of her rock-sound track Forget Him, also a very big hit in 1995. This track has been arranged to sound quite Latin, a sound that suits Shirley's voice very well. Also, this track's unique Latin-sound represents her continuous search for a new style. Other great hits in this CD include the Mandarin version of her Happy Are Those in Love, which is much improved from her Cantonese version of the song; a cool remix version of her Dream Theatre; Dream Partner, a remake of Anita Mui's classic witha '90's sound; Willing for Everything, one of her springboard hits; and of course, her famous Song of Solitude completes the collection. This CD is recommended especially for those who are not extreme Shirley fans... you'll appreciate Shirley's past works in a new way after you listened to this CD, and possibly before a bigger fan of hers.

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