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cover Title:Shirley Kwan In Concert 難得有一個關淑怡演唱會
Producer:Joseph Ip
Date of release:Septmeber 8, 1995.
Ref.:636 249-1

From Kenny Lim
Dating: November 10, 1996.
Rating: A

Two thumbs up for the impeccable performance put up by the Royal Queen of Cantopop! Shirley's divine and captivating vocals coupled with the dreamy reveberations of the well remixed songs, has surely won a fan in me. The coolest and hippest of the colony's singing sensations, Shirley's nifty footwork and excellent showmanship provided for non-stop entertainment and breath-taking captivation. Till date, I still watch the concert LD and bought the CDs as well. To me, Shirley is still the undisputed heavenly force that is not to be messed with.

From Raymond Yeung
October 30, 1996.
Rating: A+

I think Shirley is the BEST singer in the world, as we all know. And I've taken part in this concert as an audience, and as a participant. I've watched the 1st and last concerts and think she's wonderful. She kind of can apply power to a song and make it great. This is a very good album with many of her best songs.(Although there are a lot of them hadn't been sung, and almost all of Shirley's songs are excellent)Even you haven't attended to the concerts, you can feel it through the CD which will give you a unforgetable dream!

From William Lau
August 4, 1996.
Rating: A

自從看完她精彩的演唱會之後,我便一直期待她這張鐳射影碟了,這張碟當然沒有令我們失望。雖然我沒有看她最後一場的演唱會,但我都能夠憑這張碟感受到當時的氣氛,尤其是當她唱到最後一首歌“當世界無玫瑰”的時候,我差點感動到流下眼淚來呢! 說回這張碟,我很喜歡封面設計,有點出凡脫俗,卻又帶點浪漫的感覺,而她在碟內訴說出她的感受也十分不錯!美中不足的地方是碟內常常出現一些“特別效果”,如一時畫面黑白、一時畫面變形、一時又由上望下的鏡頭。不是說這些效果不好,只是如果能夠適可而止的話會更好!畢竟,我們買這張碟最主要的目的是想看Shirley,不是看特技,不是嗎? 這張碟是絕對值得淑怡迷珍藏的,就算不打算買齊她所有唱片的歌迷 們,這張碟是絕對應該擁有的!

From Kenneth Wong
Date: July 11, 1996.
Rating: A+

Shirley is one of the best female singers I've come across so far. I'm very impressed by the way she sings and brings the many songs to 'LIFE'. She must be the BEST dancer among all the HK female singers !!! Her concert was really marvellous. A MUST SEE!!!

From Felix Wong
June 28, 1996.
Rating: B

The album was a great compilation of Shirley's best songs. However, it was also a big dissapointment because a lot of Shirley's great songs got "cut out" from this double-CD album. (Yes, even her first ever single, Winter Love! and one of her best, When There Are No Roses In the World) Also, I feel that the intervals between each songs were too short and too little, which made this concert sounded like a rush. The connection between Cuddling Under The Stars and Forget Him were badly made. It totally destroyed the romantic mood created by previous arrangments.

However, despite all these little mistakes (none of which was Shirley's fault, they were ALL POLYGRAM's FAULT!!!), the album was still great. It demonstrated Shirley's ability to sing. Especially on those fast medley, she could sing just as well when she was dancing! Wasn't she amazing? Shirley is just the greatest.

From Loke Choon Mun
March 26, 1996.
Rating: A

One of the CDs I am more pleased with. Like the songs compiled. Great voice, great singer.

From Co-Co Choi
March 4, 1996.
Rating: A

Actually, I almost love everything she did in the concert!! And Shirley's voice is amazing!!! I Love Shirley!!!

From Aaron Tam
January 30, 1996.
Rating: A

I saw the concert on LD, and I also have the CDs. Shirley is the GREATEST, of course, but I am kinda disappointed because some of my favorite songs are not in the concert. Still, I like this CDs nevertheless even though it could be better.

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