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cover Title:e Zone
Producer:Joseph Ip
Date of Release:January 23, 1998.
Ref.:571 953-2

From Frederick Au
April 22, 1998.
Rating: A+

This album is very impressive, the musical arrangments of the six songs are all innovative and wonderful, and Shirley's performance excellent -- even better than what she did in "EX-All Time Favourites". Note that actually Shirley did the recording works for these six songs probably in late 1995, but one doesn't feel the songs outdated even listening to them after 3 years in 1998!

I think the best are Track #3 (Godness of the Earth) and Track #4 (It's Difficult to Find Love).

And Track #6, with Shirley only, is much better than the previous version which was performed by both Shirley Kwan and Chan Kei.

From Felix Wong
March 20, 1998.
Rating: A

This ep contains some of Shirley's best material to date. It still sounds fresh and new after being delayed release for 2 years. The first and last two tracks are amazingly good. The futuristic sound fits Shirley very well, but what's best is Shirley's vocal itself. It is amazing that she is still improving after all these years.

From John Wong
March 21, 1998. Rating: A

It is a good album in this year.

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