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cover Title:Say Goodbye
Date of Release:November 21, 1989.

From Gilbert Lam
March 5, 1997. Rating: A+

It is the fact that this album is very excellent in terms of her petty voice and her emotion putting in the song. Although I do not understand the Japanese language, I am still like this album very much becuase I love Shirley!

Through this sharing section, I want to know where I can buy this CD album because I only have the cassette of Say Goodbye. If anyone sees this message, please tell me and send the message to our my e-mail address "95471618@plink.cityu.hk". I would be very glad for your information provided.

From LI Sai Chi @O
September 26, 1996.
Rating: B-

Hey! You'd missed Shirley's FIRST album in Japanese!!!!

That's worth a buy!

Couldn't Imagine that you'd missed that!

For further information, Please feel free to ask me!


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