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cover Title:Borderless
Date of Release:July 21, 1989.

From Nick
October 6, 1996. Rating: B

First of all, I'd like to thank Ignatius for sharing this tape with some of us 6 (?!) years back. It was really wonderful and I still remember a few songs. Too bad that i don't have a copy right now. My fav. is Borderless and Feel For You (well, I can only remember those two now). It's really a pity that she decided (?) to give up the Japanese market. I wonder if she'll have another go some time in the future.

However, humm, what Ignatius said about the album is not ture - "Also, you'll never see any album that is not even 'Bilingual', it's 'Multilingual'" :). Sandy Lam has also released one a few years back called Open Up. If you must get a Sandy album that truly represents her in these few years, this is the one to get.

Ooops, off topic again... ;-)

From Ignatius Tam
September 27, 1996.
Rating: A

I still have the cassette tape for almost 6 years (no kidding :)) but this album still cuts out from Shirley's Cantonese albums. Yeah, this may be her last Japanese album (which sounds pretty strange) we can find but the songs are still top notch especially the dance pops. Also, you'll never see any album that is not even "Bilingual", it's "Multilingual" :) My fav are "Feel for you", "Borderless" and "Hololulu City Lights". I can't find the CD now, is there any where I can find it?

From Aaron Lee
July 1, 1996.
Rating: A

This album saw Shirley's great Japanese ability though I may not understand what she says and therefore got no right to give any opinion since i'm not a professional... but heck... i enjoyed the album's fast track especially Moonlight, My Dear Friends and Feel For You... the slow songs were a little bit out of tune, i'd say especially the last track.

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