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cover Title:Shirley Kwan In Concert 難得有一個關淑怡演唱會
Producer:Joseph Ip
Date of release:Septmeber 29, 1995.
Ref.:636 249-1

From William Lau
August 4, 1996.
Rating: A




From Connie Chan
July 24, 1996.
Rating: A
From Shirley's Fan
Date: July 4, 1996.
Rating: A-

The video production is not acceptable. The audio can't match the video very well. Furthermore, in some cases, you can easily figure out some frames are actually out of order with the preceding frames.

Also, some shots in a particular chapter seem not to come from the same show as the sound track does. That is, a track may contain some shots from the third show while some shots from the second show. The motions are not continuous, too. You can see Shirley is holding her hand in one frame but her hand is down in the next frame. How come a concert LD like this?

I don't like the special effect. Sometimes, the screen turns to black and white and sometimes turns back to color. In addition, the distortion of the screen are disgusting. Come on, I want a video which captures the concert precisely and exactly.

But I like the part that Shirley sitting in front of the camera to share her feelings, on both the music and life, with us. It brings Shirley closer to us.

For the music part, maybe with the heavy (?) use of DSP (digital signal processing), it is lack of live atmosphere. :-( Well, it can reduce the noise. However, maintaining the atmosphere of the concert is also very important. I hope the producer and the one who mixed the audio can take care of it next time.

Despite of the negative comments mentioned above, I watch the LD quite frequently. (This is also the reason why I can figure out the above problems) It is because it lets me recall one of the best concerts I've ever attended, The One And Only Shirley Live '95. I hope I could attend all four concerts.

(Yes, I am trying to give some negative comments because almost all the reviews here are positive ones. :-)

From Nancy Yim
February 17, 1996.
Rating: A

Overall, I thought it was great! Almost all of my favorite songs were sung. She did a terrific job!

From Aaron Tam
January 30, 1996.
Rating: A

I saw the concert on LD, and I also have the CDs. Shirley is the GREATEST, of course, but I am kinda disappointed because some of my favorite songs are not in the concert. Still, I like this CDs nevertheless even though it could be better.

From s945863@mailserv.cuhk.hk
January 25, 1996.
Rating: A-

Last Saturday, I happened to watch the laser disc of Shirley's concert from Channel [V] of Star TV. I am really impressed by her excellent singing performance. Though she had been criticised for her live performance, her concert, however, was a piece of vivid evidence of defending such criticism.

Though the concert is not a 100% entertaining one to those who are not Shirley's fans as it was a song-oriented concert. But I do think that the non-Shirley's fans should take a glance over it so as to grant yourself an opportunity of the Queen of the Pop's professional and marvellous performance!!!

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