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cover Title:Confused äF
Producer:Joseph Ip, Lam Ming Young
Year of Release:1995
Ref.:527 948-2

From Forest
August 10, 1996.
Rating: A

Track 1 & Track 4 -- Shirley's voice at its best.

Surprised at the low profile release of this CD.

This CD is like a consolation for Shirley's fans because it's the last one that really is a Shirley Album.

She's always worth a wait, but it's about time.

From Aaron
July 3, 1996.
Rating: B+

This album gain recognition from me simply due to a few terrific tunes that were found beneath... ie. Confused, Listening to the song of the wind, Seeing you again and Track four... Each songs has a sad story beyond and was made perfect with such soothing music...the only disappointment here happens to be the remake of her past tunes which somehow didn't come as good as the original...it came out worst esp track 10 and 3, soory to say... but with the four tracks mentioned above... it's worth purchasing this cd afterall...

From Felix Cheng
Date: July 2, 1996.
Rating: A-

Generally good album however a few "weird songs" spoilt this otherwise gem. (example track 10 and 3) Maybe I like slow songs better. I like track 6 and 1 (superb) I miss her songs... Do hope she acts fast regarding her contract so that I can enjoy her songs again.

From Kelvin
May 18, 1996.
Rating: A+

I do like this album very much, especially 'confused' and 'listen to the song of wind' which make me listen several times before go to bed.

Cher Shirley, I am looking forward for your new album. I hereby wishing you succeed in your singing career.

From William Wong
January 30, 1996.
Rating: B

Many of Shirley's Cantonese hits are re-done in this CD, Confused. The CD starts off with a relaxing, beautifully-sung Confused. This track has been arranged to sound pleasing to the ear, with a "traditional Chinese sound" combined with strings (guitar). Few artists perfrom this combination other than Faye Wong. Loved this song. I believe that Listen to the Ocean's Song is equally good to her Cantonese version Cuddling Under the Stars, although many others say that is isn't as good. The You I Love is Shirley's Mandarin version of He Needs You, She Needs You; note how her voice gets very "sa" in this song. This track has a funky dance melody... Listen and you'll probably say "hmm... I've heard this somewhere before", too. Anyhow, this track effectively communicates the story about being hurt by the one you loved... A good track. Fake Movie, Real Feeling and Say It Tomorrow are very similar with their light pop-dance beats, so if you like her Cantonese song Dream Theatre, you'll like these two. Shirley covers an Ace of Base(a Swedish pop group) song in I'm Not Her, which is not bad. In all, as a Cantonese speaker, listening to this CD has nothing "new" because 6 out of 10 tracks are remakes from her Cantonese pops, so it was not very exciting to listen to this CD. If you've never heard Shirley singing these tracks in Cantonese, you may enjoy Confused more than I did.

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