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Forget Him is Her [忘記他是她]

in album Flowers Falling From the Skies [天花亂墜我們都唱達明一派]

From Anonymous
Date: September 13, 1996. Rating: A+

Shirley's most recent single, Forget Him Is Her is probably her best! Though lyrics in the song itself was good, it's the music that makes the song so beautiful.

The starting part of the song (which is probably done by synthesizers) is very well-done. However, the intro was a little too long (slightly over a minute). It could have been better if it was shorter. (I mean no harm !) The best part of the song is after the first chorus, where all the voilins come into full swing. I'll stop here but all I'll say that Shirley is the best of the best !!!!!!

Cuddling 28800bps [繾綣 28800bps]

in Lau Yee Tat's Insensibilities [麻木]

From Shirley's Fan (that's me again :-)
Date: August 18, 1996.
Rating: A+

In Lau Yee Tat's album, Insensibilities, you can find a great song by Shirley Kwan. This is Cuddle 28800bps.

This is a flawless piece of work. The lyric, arrangement and vocal are prefectly combined. I haven't heard such a great song recently.

The lyric tries describing the romantic feeling of the internet life. It is not too descriptive one and yet allows the audience to imagine the actual situation. The world is full of uncertainties. One may want to escape from the real world and enter the virtual world. The lyric well describes this sad fact.

The arrangement is fabulous. Lau Yee Tat is a great guy. He composed great music. His mind is always full of creativity. The arrangement is particularly outstanding. It really brings you the feeling of hopeless. There are full of illusions interleaved in the arragement and the melody.

I should mention the transition from the preceeding track. The preceeding track is sung by Tat. When the song is about to end, the intro of Cuddle 28800bps suddenly begins. This is another surprise this song can bring to you. Yet interesting is, I suspect the music just before the intro of Cuddle 28800bps was intended to simulate the exchange of carrier signals of two modems. That is, the noise before a data connection established. Bravo!

I believe there is _no_ one in the industry can handle the vocal part of the song as well as, not to mention performing better than Shirley Kwan. She did a mavellous job to bring out the feeling of the song. She keeps the "Shirley Style" that uses a "fake" voice to sing the whole song. No, this is not just another kind of "fake" voice. This is different from that in Fake Love. We are indeed too fortune that there is such a woman in the world sings for us.

Emotions. This is the strongest part of Shirley Kwan. She never disappoints you. In this song, she demonstrates again her strength of expressing the theme of a song so beautifully. Please note the context of each word.

One may find she sings unclearly and can't understand what does she sing. However, I like it very much.

Trust me, this is one of the greatest of Shirley, comparable to recent ones, i.e. Forget Him and Are There Any Real Friends In Life.

(Please ignore the rating. I am not going to rate this album)

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