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More information about Shirley can be found at Wikipedia

Picture of Shirley English Name: Shirley Kwan
Chinese Name: Q
Occupation: Singer
Birthday: August 15
Horoscope: Leo
Height: 5' 3"
Family: Father, mother, one elder brother and one younger sister.
Music Influences: Father: Andy Williams, Tom Jones
Mother: Chow Sue, Ng Nang Yin
Brother: Beatles, Eagles, Lobo
Favorite Singer: Phil Colins
Favorite Actors/Actresses: Demi Moore, Jodie Foster, Audrey Hepburn
Favorite Place: On stage
Favorite Colors: Black, white, gray, red, jade
Food that She Doesn't Like: Candies
Place that She Doesn't Like: Chinese-style Restaurants
Countries Visited: China, USA, Japan, Canada
Places She Wants to Visit: Rome, Milan, Paris
Who She Respects Most: Her Parents
The Moment She Won't Forget: The release of her first album
Childhood Games: Did not like dolls, but fond of cookery toys.
Schooling: St. Paul's Primary School, then moved on to the States.
First Love: When she was 18, in US. Ended because of geographical separation.
Family Business: Garment
How She Started Her Career in the Music Industry: Shirley took part in the 5th TVB New Stars Singing Contest (1986), but went away with no prizes. She worked as a fashion designer for 2 years, during which time a friend of hers convinced Shirley to go to a studio and record a song for the Marine Blue Singing Contest in Japan. She was awarded the Grand Prize, and signed a contract with the Japanese Apollo Record Company. Soon, she released her first Japanese singles "Say Goodbye" and "Borderless". In the mean time, she joined Polygram (HK), and released her first Cantonese album "Winter Love" in 1989.
First Album Released: November 21, 1989.
First Concert Held: June 9 - 12, 1995.

More information about Shirley can be found at Wikipedia


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