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From Fanny Yuen
May 27, 1996.

This is a cool site. I like the color and the design in this site.

From Ronald
May 23, 1996.

Very good. But the color is not well matched.

From Michael Yip
May 20, 1996.

I wish there are more update news about Shirley. Other than that, I think you guys did a great job.

Our Reply

As many of you might have noticed, the has not been any additions to the News page lately. This is due to the fact that there were no news about Shirley in the past couple of months. We will put new items online as soon as we see them.

From "The True Fan of Shirley"
May 21,1996.

This site is very cool. I am able to keep informed of news about Shirley. However, I would like to see more pictures of Shirley in the Picture Gallery. I would also like to be able to hear some of her song through the net.

From Ivan
May 8, 1996.

Marvellous, keep up the good work.

From Ho Ngai Lam
May 8,1996.

Well organised!

From Wing Chan
May 5,1996.

I'm so surprise that I can find Shirley or other singers in the internet. I hope all of you will make more of this so everyone could have the oppotunity to know things about Hong Kongs celebrities.

From Yan Chan
May 4, 1996.

Too slow. But....good graphics and good background. Hope u could add some Shirley's gif or jpg....which people could download it.

From Felix Cheng
April 21, 1996.

Wonderful! Well designed, good content, well done. I do appreciate news update on her as I seldom read of her in Singapore.

From Ling-Ling
April 18, 1996.

I love this site. It has all or at least almost all the info that a fan would want to know about Shirley. Very organized and detailed. Love it.

From Tina Woo
April 18, 1996.

This site is really cool!! It seems like this home page talks all about her life!! Usally HK Popstars home-page just have pics, profile, albums, sites, and sometimes song samples. But this is a really wicked site!!!

From Gunter Wong
April 13, 1996.

This site is good compared with another internet sites of music company. It is easy to use and is colourful. I am satisfied with this sites.

From Anonymous
April 13, 1996.

OK! Quite Good, but rather disappointing about the lyric's characters are in weird symbols because I am using the English Windows 95.

Our Reply

If you're having difficulties reading the BIG-5 encoded Chinese characters, check out the FAQ in the About page.

From Adrian Kwa
April 7, 1996.

Too graphic intensive, which makes it really slow to load. BUT it is a very nice site. Well done to whoever wrote it!!!

From Sean McNeely
April 6, 1996.

This is an excellent site. I learned a great deal of information that was not previously availible to me.

From Aaron Lee
March 30, 1996.

Very COOL...just like Shirley! Tremendous job done.

From Marco Lam
March 28, 1996.

P     P E       R     R F       E       C          T      !
P     P E       R     R F       E       C          T      !
P     P E       R     R F       E       C          T      !
P       E       R   R   F       E       C          T      !
P       E       R    R  F       E       C          T      !
P       EEEEEEE R     R F       EEEEEEE CCCCCCC    T      !

From New York Pam Pam
March 25, 1996.

fabulous....wonderful...best thing that can happen in the internet !!!! :-)

From Dee Dee
March 25, 1996.

very cool! too cool!

keep it up, eh!

From Jaffe Ling Yun Sang
March 24, 1996.

I'm sure glad to read the other fans' comments and learn that there are soooo many others who feel like me!!

It would be nice if Shirley writes something to us. (As a bulletin?)

From Philip Cheng
March 22, 1996.

This is the best site ever!

It's the most informational site compared to others (HK singers'). The photos, the news... it's good entertainment.

Great job!

From John Andy Wong
March 18, 1996.

It is a very good web site.

From Alan
March 16, 1996.

This is the best site for all Shirley's fans... Anyway, only one word "Excellence".

From Kate Ng
March 16, 1996.

This is the best site I ever visited comparing to the other famous singer (Alan Tam, Leon Lai & Sandy Lam etc.)

From Cindy Wong
March 16, 1996.

This site is well-designed. I like the thumbnails of all the Shirley pictures. I think it would be great if this site would include older pictures of Shirley.

From Cherry Chow
March 15, 1996.

This is a beautiful web site I have seen, maybe more photos can be put here for us to see Shirley, a busy person.

From Mr. Wan
March 12, 1996.

More songs we can hear from this site, please!

From Jaffe Ling Yun Sang
March 12, 1996.

我很高興從朋友介紹中得知這裡有一個關淑怡的網頁, 覺得終於有個地方給我們這 群愛關淑怡的朋友聚在一起。能在這裡得到有關她一切的資料及新聞, 當然還可以給我們一起討論她的一切, 以後我會常常到這裡來的!

From felicia
March 8, 1996.

This is a good site for fans of Shirley to share their opinion of our fav singer. Continue to do a good job!!!

From Dom
March 1, 1996.

This one is the best site I've ever seen. Please keep up the good job. It would be great if we can hear some new songs in here.

From Pseudonym Chan
February 29, 1996.

This site seems to be the only one for Shirley. If it is good, one is enough!!! If there are more homepages for Shirley, it will make us more confusing that: Where should we go??

I hope more Shirley's fans all over the world can make their contribution to this site, make it better.

From Kingly Choi
February 28, 1996.

I think Shirley wiil love this page...

From Chow Tin Po
February 24, 1996.

Attractive, but more photos.

Our Reply

Stay tuned. More photos are coming online, including those from the three Lunar New Year concerts!

From Kaneda
February 23, 1996.

This site is on the top of my bookmarks list !!!!!!

From C. Y. Tang
February 23, 1996.

Great site! I can get all the information about Shirley. This is a good site for the people who support shirley.

From bst
February 23, 1996.

It's nice to see people with such good taste put something like this together. Nice artwork indeed. All in all... this page rocks.

From Eddy
February 18, 1996.

I must say it's a good page, must have spent a lot of time in it. It's even better than the companies sites.

From Nancy Yim
February 17, 1996.

Ever think of doing sound and video clips?

From Sophi Joanne Do
February 6, 1996.

This is a great site. It had a lot of terrific pictures and information.

From Pak
February 1, 1996.

Good in enough for my attention! Thank You!

From Keith Lau
February 1, 1996.

This site is the best site I've ever seen!!! This page is even better than the pages of large companies!!! Amazing!!

Keep up the good work!! However, video clips or sound could make this site better.

From Steven Yau
January 30, 1996.

Why no photo of the CD or singles she published in Japan?? But this is a very good site.

Our Reply

Unfortunately, none of us has the CDs, nor the scans of their covers. When we get them, more information would be put online.

From Sharon Tsui
January 29, 1996.

Wow! The art work is awfully good! Also I can download the pages quickly, you guys must be professional web designers! Especially the colour scheme, they're so fabulously co-ordinated. But I think you gotta publicize your page more, 'coz I reach thro a Japanese's homepage, that's too far!

Actually does Shirley know about his site? I think she'll be so proud to have such capable fans establishing something for her on the information highway. Perhaps then you can do some interview job or on-line registration of a Suk 'e fans club! (Does it exists actually?) ;) Anyway, thanks for your work!

From Danny
January 28, 1996.

The site is great, It's professional! If a sound clip library can be added, It'll be perfect! Keep it on!

From jayhsu@usc.edu
January 21, 1996.

I know this site is still under construction, but so far it's looking very good. The best thing to add would be a file of sound clips so people could sample Shirley's music.

From as400733@orion.yorku.ca
January 19, 1996.

Any Shirley fans would like a homepage of her, so I am just hoping for something that is acceptable. Still, seeing a marvellous site like this is great! I never expected this much, but this site really exceeds my expectations!

From tctran@falcon.cc.ukans.edu
January 16, 1996.

I commend you on a job well done. I thought the artwork and information were excellent.

From ches.chan@utoronto.ca
January 16, 1996.

This is the first Suk 'e site I've found. Thanx! But, and I know it's a lot of work, there should be a more comprehensive audio file.

From gohk000@ugrad.unbc.edu
January 13, 1996.

Absolutely terrific! Fans can finally reach each other!

January 13, 1996.

I think this site is what fans of Shirley would treasure.

From b72u@musicb.mcgill.ca
January 8, 1996.

This site is amazing! You guys must be professionals!! So happy that there is such a great homepage on the net! One question though: have you guys ever thought of inviting SHIRLEY herself to join/participate on your homepage? That might be a good idea...

Our Reply

We would like to see Shirley herself contributing to 'e space, too. But I'm afraid it would difficult, as none of us has the requisite connections. Of course, if it can be done, we'll be more than happy to do it.

From Dicky
January 1, 1996.

This site is great! I'm happy to find Shirley's homepage in internet. Everything in homepage is great but no wav or mpeg files, so it isn't perfect yet. Hope to see it perfect next time. Thanx for your work on Shirley's homepage.

From yyng@pl.jaring.my
December 29, 1995.

The design of this site is really wonderful, brilliant! I can collect information as much as possible from the site. Especially Andrew, your design is very nice!

From hermit@asiaonline.net
December 25, 1995.

This is the best pop star sites I ever visited. The art design is particularly outstanding. Though I am not a fan of Shirley, I am very very impressed. If some midi or wav files or even mpeg files are included, the site will be perfect. Anyway, keep this high quality information source! You will receive persistent support!

Our Reply

We regret that putting audio and video files online would be difficult, as it would result in copyright infringement. If we can obtain permissions from the copyright owners, we would be happy to include them here. Thank you for your support.

From s945863@mailserv.cuhk.hk
December 23, 1995.

This site is still a rarely-developed one and I hope more sites will be completed next time I come to this home page. Anyway, thank you very much for your good work. As a fan of Shirley, I am so glad to know there is a homepage of Shirley on the Internet...

Our Reply

We are working to make 'e space even better. More material will go online in a month. Stay tuned!

From anku168@ipoline.com
December 22, 1995.


From gerwin.ho@utoronto.ca
December 20, 1995.

This is THE most professional and complete website for a HK artist right now!

From svereika@mailbox.syr.edu
December 18, 1995.

Quite a site! Pretty impressive w/ a good colour sense. Very well done!

From nick@thisbe.demon.co.uk
December 16, 1995.

Wow, this is one piece of fine work indeed, great! Thanks for the frequent information updates and pictures. Do you think it is possible to add the size of each photos just underneath the thumbnails? Somehow I have problems in finding the lyrics described at the album section. Don't you think it'd be a good idea to have a few translations done for the sake of those who don't have a chinese translator or perhaps have a note directing people where to get one? Apparently I can't read a thing but some strange characters... To set the record straight, don't you think you've missed out one album (as far as I know) at the album section - the Japanese one (about Mmm, 5-6 years ago)?? Sorry I don't have the name but I know I like a few of the songs in there...


Our Reply

Adding file sizes to the gallery index pages would be a good idea. But we'd have to find a way such that they are not intrusive.

We are looking into ways to provide support for visitors without Chinese viewing capabilities, either through translations or graphics. But unfortunately, either of them would take quite some time to implement. They'll be added when all the "basics" are done.

Yes. I'm afraid the Japanese discography is not complete. If you have any information of the missing album, or for that matter, note any inaccuracies in 'e space, please drop us a line!

From rkus@netcom.com
December 16, 1995.

I think this site is really kewl! It's pretty informative.

From Anonymous
December 15, 1995.

Nicely presented. Very sphisticated. Like Shirley herself.

From adan2@bedrock.eng.monash.edu.au
December 11, 1995.

Hi.. I think your page is really "Something". I like it even though I haven't thoroughly browsed through. Well Done...

From "nil"
December 9, 1995.

This site is fantastic. I think it reaches the professional performance. If u tell me that you are not a professional website designer, I cannot believe it! This is really amazing. I am proud of that someone like u make up such a great homepage for our idol, I really appreciate it very much. YEAH! i hope you will keep up your work. I promise I will reach this amazing homepage every time I get on internet. Bye.

From or404115@hkpucc.polyu.edu.hk
December 9, 1995.

I really love this site! Thank you, guys! Pls scan more picture of Shirley and try your best to keep the content updated!

I do really love this site!

Thank you very much!

From tlui@drew.edu
December 7, 1995.

This site is great. My problem with it is I couldn't see any of the pictures because my system at school is unix and we use DOS, and I couldn't download the pictures too, so I don't know what the problem is. Other than that, this is one of the best homepage I've ever seen. I have been waiting for a Shirley's homepage for a long time already, Thanks!!!

From ninka@portal.ca
December 4, 1995.

As far as I know there is only other Shirley Kwan site, but this one is far better! Keep it up and hope to see more pics!

From pdung@oboe.aix.calpoly.edu
December 4, 1995.

I have been checking the "kwan suk'e in concert" for a while, but didn't until today notice that there was a place to click for e'space. I think you should get your page linked to other sites so fans know this homepage exists. I have been constantly looking in other main sites hoping to find a page for Shirley; I saw last time that you coming up with her homepage, but didn't know when it was coming out.

I waited for so long and finally it is OUT. Thanks. I think you guys are doing a great job. the "e'space" is really neato.

I will come back for more.

Our Reply

When 'e space was launched, we did try our best to publicize it through the newsgroups and entertainment indices. But given the sheer size of the Internet, it is impossible for us to reach everyone that would be interested. If you like 'e space, help us out and spread the word!

From richardho@cuhk.hk
December 4, 1995.

Simply perfect! The best site I ever seen! Comprehensive information and news about Shirley.

From claw@ecr.mu.oz.au
December 3, 1995.

This site is very well done. I like the first page where only an image pops up. I like the background as well. You've done a really good job.

From aaront@mathlab.sunysb.edu
December 2, 1995.

Your site is great. I am planning to make a homepage for her too. I have a lot of things to learn from your Shirley Kwan's Homepage.

From h9026564@asterix.wu-wien.ac.at
December 2, 1995.

A very good designed Homepage with interesting informations about Shirley Kwan.

Our Reply

We are always looking for more information to be included in the Facts page. If you have anything to contribute, drop us a line so that we can share it with others!

From JuJu@ingress.com
December 1, 1995.

I LOVE this site! It looks professional! =)

From karllee@fas.harvard.edu
December 1, 1995.

Thanks for putting in so much time and effort creating this site for all the Shirley fans out there like me! So far everything looks great. The only thing I would ask you to consider is that in the News section, the red on blue listing of entries is a bit hard to read. Maybe you could try experimenting with a different color combination? Thanks.

Our Reply

Thanks for pointing this out. We would certainly take this into consideration when we redesign the color scheme.

From kerofaye@netcom.com
December 1, 1995.

I think translation of titles are needed for ppl who don't own all of shirley's album but probably have listened to the majority of the songs. I wanted to vote on the poll, but I forgot the title to this song with a line 'see yung dui bui sum...' ...

Our Reply

Including English titles, and translated lyrics, is a good idea. But unfortunately, we do not have the time to do it yet. They will be added in the future.

You can denote the songs in any way you deem appropriate. The examples given are only suggestions. We will try our best to understand your wishes, and we will reach you by email if we fail.

From fmkoo@unixg.ubc.ca
December 1, 1995.

... I bet Shirley would be pleased to see this web. That Andrew guy has done a superb job in making the web more enjoyable. I am very impressed with your collection of Shirley's pix and news clippings ...

Our Reply

As mentioned in bottom of each page, the beautiful graphics you see here are done by Andrew. Drop him a line and tell him how much you love them!

We are always looking for ways to expand our collections here. If you have anything to contribute, please do not hesitate to contact one of us. And for the upcoming "Trivia" section, we are building a list of shows, concerts, music videos, etc, that Shirley had participated in. Your help would certainly make the job easier and the list more complete.

From c3822347@comp.polyu.edu.hk
December 1, 1995.

I am very happy to view this home page. It compose many thing about shirley and I think you make many afford to it. I am also a super fan of Shirley since December of 1989 when the first songs are released. I have also collect almost all the song and the "Japanese single" and single(black plastic disc)in the past. When I see the album list of Shirley, the list is almost complete but have lack some item. I have a dream that one day I can view all the album list of the Shirley. At last, I think this home page is a good place for the Shirley Kwan Fans ...

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