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More Comments on Shirley

From Jose and Wandy
May 28, 1996.

I often thought Shirley was overlooked by many people. She has been complain so many times by her attitude towards the media. I agree. But she shows her sincerity when people have given her the chance. Unlike Faye, who acted completely "cool" in front of everyone at all time. Well Shirley, I truly support you!

From Thanky
May 27, 1996.

Her new album will come out in July.

From Fanny Yuen
May 27, 1996.

She sings very good.

Hm... I am wondering when she will have a new CD coming out.

From Amy Ho
May 26, 1996.

I believe Shirley is the greatest female artist in Hong Kong. Shirley has an unique voice and style. I just hope that she will keep it up and be herself in her work!

From Ronald
May 23, 1996.

Shirley is a great singer. She sings excellent in both fast and slow songs.

Shirley is also a great dancer. She not only dances well in fast songs but in slow songs as well.

Shirley's concert is really a special one. We all looking forward to see her next concert!

The most important question is "When will her new song/album release?????" We all waiting for her new songs and album.

Wishing Shirley everything the best.

From "The True Fan of Shirley"
May 21,1996.

Shirley really has a sweet voice and a unique style of singing. She is not only attractive but also very generous. Other people can criticize her all they want. I will always support Shirley. All the fans of Shirley say "Y-E-A-H!!!"

From Michael Yip
May 20, 1996.

Although there is no perfect in the world, Shirley is close to it. I wish she could able to sing more wonderful songs, and let us see her on the TV more often. At last, I would like send my best wishes to her.

From Derek Cheung
May 8, 1996.

Shirley, You are The Best! I like Shirley because I think that she that she sings really good, especially with her fast songs. In the early years of her career, she used to dance a lot in her fast songs, like Dela, but now she seems to concentrate on slow songs. I hope that she will have some fast songs too because II will enjoy them myself and she is the only female singer whom I think is capable of singing fast songs.

From Ivan
May 8, 1996.

Shriley is the most all-rounded singer I could ever encounter. Her voice is sweeter than the chirpings of the cookoo, and her way of dancing, performing is simply the best.

Even in Sydney, I can hear much about her on the newspapers, magazine.

From Ho Ngai Lam
May 8,1996.

A unique voice in HK music industry.

From Wing Chan
May 5,1996.

I really like Shirley because she is pretty and she have a great voice. I hope she will sing more good songs for us to heard.

From Yan Chan
May 4, 1996.

I really like Shirley's songs. Wonder when she will have new songs. Plus...will she going to sign contract with Polygram again? Or change another company?

From Lopey
April 29, 1996.

I hope Shirley will be able to sign with a record company that appreciates her talent and gives her the freedom of artistic expression. She should definitely change record company.

From Felix Cheng
April 21, 1996.

I admire her talents and charisma. Do wish her all the best in her career and many more good songs from her. (Do Improve on her live performances, though.)

From Ling-Ling
April 18, 1996.

Shirley Kwan is my favorite singer. Her unique voice is soft, touching, and warm. She has her way of emotionally reaching out to her listeners with her singing. The only thing that I don't like about Shirley and many other singers is their use of English music and singing it in Chinese. At least be original. Overall, I want Shirley to know that she will always be supported by fans like me. Voice...character...style...she has got it all.

From Tina Woo
April 18, 1996.

Shirley is a GREAT Singer!! In fact I think she desirved the GOLD award than Cass. And I wonder what relations she has with Grasshopper. They seem to have a lot of duets together (not as much as Alan and Hacken). But in a lot of pictures (Concerts, music videos, etc.) they always stand together. Or just Remus Choi and Shirley stand together.

From Helena Ng
April 18, 1996.

I think Shirley can sing really well, we all love her.

From Texxi
April 16, 1996.

I'm looking forward to her new album!! When? When? When? I'm going to die if she's still not appear.

From Gunter Wong
April 13, 1996.

Shirley is my favourite among the female singers in Hong Kong. I have been listening to her song since I was a secondary school student. Her voice is very special. It is soft and fills with emotion. When I listen to it, I feel it.

Many singers are popular because they look good. Shirley is popular not only because of her image, but also her good voice and singing skill. As a fan, I will support her for ever.

From Eddie Tsang Wai Chi
April 13, 1996.

Great Voice. Great singing techniques. Great character, unique.

From Anonymous
April 13, 1996.

It is very nice and cool here with such a beautiful and talented singer. Bravo! Applauses! Claps!

From Adrian Kwa
April 7, 1996.

Great Singer!!!

From Ray
April 7, 1996.

I think it's great that Shirley shares her success with the public and invites the public to voice their opinions. I think that Shirley, besides being a great singer and entertainer, is very brave and courageous to do what she is doing.

From Sean McNeely
April 6, 1996.

I am a very big fan of Shirley. I think that she is one of the most original of the HK pop singers, along with Faye.

From "Shirley's Fan"
April 5, 1996.

It is no doubt Shirley Kwan suk 'e is a great singer. She has both a unique voice and a unique style. Her songs are full of emotions, which can bring life to a song. Furthermore, her songs are well-chosen and are difficult to sing well.

I believe she has the quality to become a top singer. However, being at the top is not that important. There are many external factors such as the relations with mass media for one to reach the top. What is important to a real singer is to bring high quality songs to us, the audience. Shirley should agree on this point. Therefore, Shirley just regards the awards from local mass media as bonus. Can't receive an award doesn't necessarily imply one is not a good singer, right?

In each album, you can find Shirley tried different kinds of musics so as to seek a style that suits her most. The songs are not all easy-listen ones but you will find them great after listening to them many times. Now, she seems to have a right direction (A bit alternative and also tried to bring some information about the life). I have been looking forward to her new album for more than one year!!

She sang VERY well in each album. (credits should be given to Joseph Ip, the producer, as well) I comment her performance in studio is prefect. Although she had a big step forward on improving her live performance after her own concert, she still needs to practise more.

From several occasions, I found her live performance is still not very stable. Is it because of lack of confidence? Or because of her health conditions after the concerts? (Just hope she can recover soon) Her voice is great but not "strong" enough. During her live performance, she seems to find difficulties on singing the "high key" part. She can't handle her voice very accurately. Unlike in the studio, where she can have retries, there is no second take on stage. No, I don't mean she should re-produce exactly what she did in the studio. Indeed, this is not recommended. Shirley can always bring new styles to her songs. It's her advantage. I just mean she should notice performing live. By improving her live performance, she is approaching to be a prefect singer. (Creation of music is encouraged but not a must for a singer, IMO.)

Regarding her low profile, I don't have much comment. However, as a fan of her, I really want to know the most updated information about her. Just to remind her that better let things go normally. Shunning the press purposely is not recommended. However, anyways, I will support any decision she makes.

I do agree Shirley should stay with PolyGram. Firstly, this company is international one. She may have chance to develop other markets (sure we hope that she can focus on HK). In addition, as all we could see, all great songs of Shirley are from PolyGram. And IMHO, this company does publish good albums, though some of them are too commercial-oriented. But, with Joseph Ip, I believe Shirley can keep producing great songs to us for sure.

Although I am happy to listen Shirley's new songs, I find her decision on cutting production is wise. I prefer quality rather than quantity. However, this is really a dilemma. If one doesn't have new albums arrived, people usually forget (s)he. Okay, you may say what is important is the good songs from Shirley. But I think keeping popular is a ticket to have the chance to stay in the industry. Sadly, I don't have the solution to this problem.

Finally, I just want to say Shirley Kwan does bring great songs to me. She is THE female singer. Thank you very much.

From Aaron Lee
March 30, 1996.

A great possession of intimacy and beauty towards music which made her extravagant and sexy in any way. Nevertheless, Shirley has a great voice and a unique way of interpretating her fast and slow numbers!

From Angel
March 28, 1996.

I really like your songs!!! :>

From Marco Lam
March 28, 1996.

I think Shirley is the best female singer in Hong Kong. It is really hard to choose which is her best album or the best song, cause she has too many wonderful songs! She had changed her singing style since the ablum "My Way". That was good, but I hope she can keep the original style in her following albums.

I can't live without her songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Loke Choon Mun
March 26, 1996.

Great singer and great site. Too bad she keeps such a low profile.

From New York Pam Pam
March 25, 1996.

Polygram sure has the best female singer in the industry. I think she has much more talents than a lot of other female artists. I think she is the best & I love her songs. She is also great when singing with male singer ... actually better than them. I think she is the great when she sings and dance with Grasshopper on stage.

From Dee Dee
March 25, 1996.

she's a chameleon. never the same thing twice.

new and fresh. this is what a star is all about!

one thing is consistent though, her quality - number 1!

From Jaffe Ling Yun Sang
March 24, 1996.


Her voice is unique and very, very sweet. She handles both slow and fast songs very well.

Her beautiful voice captures my heart, esp the slow songs!!!

When is the next album coming??? I've waited too long!

IMO, Polygram has mistreated her all these years and I'd be glad to see Shirley going to a company who recognizes her talents.

Anyhow, like many other Shirley fans, I'll support SHIRLEY forever!!!

From Peter Kwok
March 24, 1996.


From Jaffe Ling Yun Sang
March 24, 1996.


還記得在『難得有一個關淑怡演唱會』的第四場(尾場)上, 我們那種 依依不捨的心情嗎? Shirley 曾說過她不知何時才有機會開她第二次的個人演唱會, 我們當晚也跟她一樣, 很捨不得, 很珍惜當晚的每一分每一秒更令我們印象深刻的... 當然不只是看到Shirley 喜極而泣的臉容, 而是直至encore了四次才完場! 當然, 就算她再多唱十首, 我們也是不會捨得 她離去的。就在場館響起了完場廣播的時候, 也就是我們等待的開始, 等 待著下一個關淑怡演唱會的來臨。

轉眼間, 我們還在回味著, 不斷翻看著她演唱會影碟的時候, 從報章上得知她的『絕對關淑怡新年音樂會』即將開始售票了! 當知道消息的時候, 歡喜若狂, 把售票日期貼滿了整間房子, 彷彿是無時無刻提醒著自己 別記錯售票的日期。 1月22日, 不錯! 是售票的日子, 又怎會記錯呢? 一大清早便到城市電腦售票網排隊買票, 總算沒有白費心機, 買到了一連三場的第一行台前座位, 沒有聽錯吧! 是第一行, 所有關淑怡歌迷都渴望得到的坐位。『Shirley! 我得左啦!』

這個『絕對關淑怡新年音樂會』是由區域市政局主辦的, 三場分別在 荃灣、沙田及屯門大會堂舉行, 同時並有嘉賓鄭嘉穎及陳曉東的演出。雖然這並不是關淑怡的個人演唱會, 但我想歌迷們也不會介意吧? 只要能見 到Shirley 一面, 就算只唱一首歌又有什麼關係呢?

好不容易才等到第一場音樂會的日子, 早早便到了荃灣大會堂, 等候 著音樂會的開始。八時許, 場館的燈光變得暗淡了, 大家都變得雀躍起來, 期待著關淑怡的出場。突然, 一個頭髮中長並髦曲的中年男子走出台前來, 噢?!怎麼不是關淑怡呢? 原來他是這個音樂會的司儀, 啊? 音樂會也需要司儀的嗎? 台下的觀眾在議論紛紛... 更感到莫名奇妙的是, 這個司儀並不擅於說話, 說話往往令全場的觀眾摸不著頭腦, 台下常常聽到的只是觀眾大喊Shirley 的名字, 希望她快點出來。

過了極沉悶的三數分鐘, Shirley 終於出來了, 她穿了一件銀色的反光長褸, 衫褲和鞋都是黑色的, 兩手一直插在袋中, 看來非常Cool呢! 她一聲不響便開始唱她的第一首歌『自言自語』。噢! 第一次有機會這樣近地看Shirley , 就連旁邊的喊叫聲也聽不到了。縱使在場的管理人員常常喝止觀眾在場中拍照, 但觀眾的閃光燈仍此起彼落, 閃個不停! 試問誰又捨得放下手中的相機呢?

在Shirley 唱完第四首歌『當世界無玫瑰』之候, 新人陳建穎便出來為我們獻唱他的歌曲, 為什麼是陳建穎呢? 不是鄭嘉穎嗎? 其實在這次音樂會, 鄭嘉穎因錯過了航機班期關係, 所以一連三日都由陳建穎代替, 我想這對大多數歌迷來說都是沒有影響, 因我們的目的都是來看關淑怡呢!

在音樂會中段的時候, 竟然舉行了『超級無敵馬拉松』這遊戲, 大家 都很意想不到! 但觀眾們仍是很湧躍地舉手參加, 我當然亦有舉手, 但可惜並沒被選中。六位幸運的觀眾高高興興地跑到台上, 能和他們的偶像在同一舞台上玩遊戲, 我想他們就算拿不到獎品, 也會畢生難忘。遊戲開始了, 由Shirley 的名字開始, 規則是要參加者們加上吉利的語句...

『關淑怡個怡呀... 兒孫滿堂個堂呀... 堂... 』, 大家可能因為太緊張的關係, 很快很快, 三位參加者在不到兩個回合的時間, 已被淘汰了, 當要下台的時候, 他們都顯出一副很捨不得的模樣, 但他們可知台下的觀眾又多麼羡慕他們的機會呢!

遊戲完畢後, Shirley 換上了白襯衣和灰色長裙, 為我們唱了數首悅耳動聽的歌曲, 包括有『難得有情人』, 『忘記他』等... 全部都是我們至愛的歌曲! 當然, 觀眾亦報以如雷的掌聲支持Shirley 啦! 但快樂的時光總是過得很快, 轉眼第一場的音樂會又要結束了。我們都帶著不捨的心 情來期待明天音樂會的來臨。

雖然第一場音樂會的安排不太好, 嘉賓陳曉東和陳建穎的歌好像太多了, 每人一連唱了五首歌, 雖然早知道不是關淑怡的個人演出, 但台下的觀眾也間中在他們演出時高呼Shirley 的名字, 表示正在等待Shirley 的出現。

第二場音樂會是在沙田大會堂舉行, 又如上次一樣, 很早便到達了場館, 靜待著關淑怡的出現。燈光暗淡了, 大家又如常地喊著Shirley 的名字, 但我還是在擔心那一個悶蛋司儀的出現。這次走出來的竟然是... 關淑怡! 她這次穿了光身的淺藍色恤衫, 深籃色的長褲, 頸上並束著粉藍色的絲帶, 多好看呢! 我不自制的喊叫了出來, 因為這是我意想不到的, 我還以為又是昨天的那一位司儀呢!

Shirley 的歌聲的確迷倒了場中不少觀眾, 她一連唱了六首大家耳熟 能詳的歌曲, 包括『夢伴』, 『人生可有知己』, 『夢劇場』, 『把歌談心』等等, 其中她亦有和現場的觀眾談笑, 當然還有她常掛在口邊的一句 話: 『我唔係好識講野架! 』其實大家都並不覺得Shirley 不懂說話, 可能她只是比較沉默的人, 平常很少說話, 所以說起話來並沒有長篇大論。其實, 不論她說什麼話, 我們都一樣會喜歡... 一樣會同樣地支持她, 還 有一樣最重要的... 是我們都會說個『好』字!

和第一場音樂會一樣, 音樂會中舉行了『超級無敵馬拉松』的遊戲, 不過這次特別的是陳曉東和陳建穎都會一起玩! Shirley 加上了一件白色的毛絨中褸, 襯在一身藍色的衣服下, 顯得十分搶眼! 更意想不到的是, 我的願望終於成真了, 舉手不久後便被Shirley 邀請上台和她一起玩這遊戲, 當時我簡直興奮得立即飛奔往台上, 恨不得立即便站在Shirley 身旁呢! 不過很可惜, 還未過第一回合, 我已輸了... 嘻! 但我仍很高興能和Shirley 握手, 這晚已是一個很難忘的經歷, 所以輸了亦沒有不愉快的感覺。

很快便到了第三場的音樂會, 所有關淑怡的歌迷們都會非常珍惜這最後一場的音樂會。這天她穿了一件銀灰色的大褸, 襯著上黑下紅的連身裙。Shirley 在唱完兩首歌後便和觀眾說了數分鐘的話, 最後還俏皮地說: 『我說了這麼久, 我想都夠了吧? 』話還未說完, 觀眾們已經高呼不夠了 , 當然, Shirley 的每一句說話和她每一首歌都是百聽不厭的! 對嗎?

Shirley 亦在這場音樂會中向觀眾表示, 不單對她說個『好』字能表示對她的支持, 其實笑聲和拍掌聲也可令Shirley 感到你們對她的支持呢 ! 關淑怡的歌迷們, 你們知以後應怎樣做了嗎?

在這場音樂會中最不愉快的事, 可算是出現了一位非常討厭的觀眾, 這觀眾常常在座位上大聲跟他身邊的朋友談話, 而我正是坐在他們的旁邊 , 常常被他們的聲音搔擾, 以至不能集中精神聽Shirley 的歌聲。最令人看不過眼的, 便是這位觀眾竟在陳建穎演出時在座位上睡覺及看雜誌, 令台上的歌手不知所措。他又會向台上的歌手說一些不堪入耳的說話, 令歌 手感到很難為情...

Shirley 出場後, 這觀眾又一次大聲地向台上說話, 在適當的時候,Shirley 給這觀眾作出了勸諭, 還認出這觀眾正是曾經被趕出『關淑怡歌迷會』的成員, 但可惜這只令他更得自己更突出, 作出更令人討厭的行為。最後, 觀眾都忍不住大叫這位觀眾離場, 不久這位觀眾便沒趣的離場了, 而大家都為這觀眾的離場而歡呼呢!

演唱會中, Shirley 在唱『難得有情人』這首歌時還友善地走到台下和觀眾們握手呢! 雖然只是是短短一首歌的時間, Shirley 已在觀眾席走了一圈。能和Shirley 握手的觀眾固然開心, 握不到手的觀眾亦很高興能在近距離見到Shirley !

到了臨完場前的一段, 亦是encore*的時間, 相信大家都想時間停頓下來, 好讓Shirley多留一會。 當大家都合力地用喊叫聲請Shirley 為我們encore的時候, 後台突然傳來Shirley 的聲音, 原來她正溫柔地哼著『印象』這一首動聽的歌, 場內的觀眾都發出了歡呼聲, 然後Shirley 慢慢地由台後走上台前來, 觀眾的心裡都突然充滿了喜悅! 大家都很留心聽她哼 的每一字, 每一句...

但歡樂的時光總是過得特別快, Shirley 要唱她三場音樂會的最後一首歌了, Shirley 應了一位觀眾的要求, 由觀眾們為她打拍子, 清唱出『一首獨唱的歌』... 她完美的聲線, 觸動了每一位在場觀眾的心靈, 她深 情的演譯, 更令我們被這首歌深深的感動了。 一連三日的音樂會終於完結了, 我們縱使依依不捨, Shirley 最後向也向觀眾們再一次道別, 然後蹦蹦地跳回了後台去。眼見場館昏暗的燈光 漸漸變得光亮起來, 正意味著另一次的等待又開始了...

Jaffe , 九六年春

Author's Note

Shirley performed two songs without any music in the encore part of last show.

From Eunice Kong
March 20, 1996.

She sings quite good!

From John Andy Wong
March 18, 1996.

Shirley is not a best singer in Hong Kong. She is a great singer in the world. I just tell you she is a great great great great singer. Do you agree? I will support her forever.

From Alan
March 16, 1996.

You are the best in my heart forever. Try your best and don't let us disappointed.

From Cindy Wong
March 16, 1996.

Shirley is a very fine singer. I think she is going in the right track by producing quality rather than quantity. I am really looking forward to listen to her new album. BTW, when is it coming out?

From Cherry Chow
March 15, 1996.

Her voice, undoubtedly, is very sweet and the song sang by her can bring out all feelings. Also, Shirley's image and clothes are smart. Although she is always forget what she is going to say and she has not got enough experience to do a good in presenting herself, it doesn't matter. Try your best, Shirley!

From Mr. Wan
March 12, 1996.

I love her voice.

From Jaffe Ling Yun Sang
March 12, 1996.

當世界無玫瑰, 處處變枯萎, 你亦是絕不可替, 仍是我的依歸
當世界無玫瑰, 至鳥獸盡逝, 我亦願為身邊你留低

同尋人生光輝, 同承受風雨季

『皆因你長是, 我心中一切』...

Shirley, 我永遠支持你!

我很高興在新年的絕對關淑怡演唱會上, 能和Shirley你一齊玩「超級無敵馬拉松」 雖然我輸了, 但我非常開心, 因為終於可以和你接觸了!

我由「冬戀」開始, 已經很喜歡你的歌, 直到現在「亂了」,每一首你的歌我都很 喜歡! 直到以後, 我也不會改變! :>

還記得我嗎? 我是演唱會送花給你的小男孩! 嘻!


From felicia
March 8, 1996.

Shirley has a pleasant voice. It's such a waste that she did not win the 1995 Jade Solid Gold Finals. She can dance too!

I will always support her.

From Dom
March 1, 1996.

Of course she is the best! And good luck in this year.

From Pseudonym Chan
February 29, 1996.

I remember a foolish author in a magazine (in HK) said the following: Faye Wong's performance can be regarded as "Hi-Fi play" that Shirley can never be compared.

When I saw this, I just want to laugh: If we need good performance, why don't we need a Hi-Fi? why do we need Faye!!!

Although Faye's performance is good, I'm sorry, I can't get any feeling, passion and love from her performance!!!

However, I can get it from Shirley!!! Thank you Shirley!!!


From Kingly Choi
February 28, 1996.

I love her songs and skills. I think she is the best singer in Hong Kong.

From Terri Ng
February 27, 1996.

She is a stylish singer in Hong Kong, and having a unique voice. She can comfortablely mixed with her song and music. I've been her fans for six years, I will support her in anyways, no matter what's bad news and rumor fall on her. Keep on doing what you like, but please don't totally disappear in the public media. You fans are seeking your news about your health and music.

From Philip Cheng
February 25, 1996.

S H I R L E Y , You are " T H E " B E S T !!!

The only problem though, is the management, they don't even know what they are doing. They mistreated her and wasted her time! But mostly, they are investing on the wrong people. Those female artists are good looking, but that's about it! They just can't sing! They don't have the talent to be a singer period. So, why in the world would the companies spend so much effort on singers who j-u-s-t c-a-n't s-i-n-g ? What a rip-off (from the music listners in the whole damn world)!!!

Anyway, about Shirley, she is good looking, she is stylish, and mainly, she is talented. She's a natrual born artist.

She's just gorgeous !!!

From Candy Mak
February 24, 1996.

She has a very different style of singing to other HK's pop stars. Her voice is dramatic and soft at the same time when she sings on stage it seems like she's at home. So comfortable and relaxed on stage means that her performances are great.

From Chow Tin Po
February 24, 1996.

I think she is cool but her voice is very good. I like her style in dressing and singing But she need to have more promotion.

From Kaneda
February 23, 1996.

Unique VOICE and Unique Style !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Benjamin
February 23, 1996.

我看了絕對關淑怡演唱會,在第一晚,Shirley十分可愛,令我好難忘;在第二晚,Shirley卻表現出成熟、大方,但一樣係好靚,好靚!  可惜我看不到Shirley第三晚的演出,如果大家有出席第三晚的演唱會,請留言在此,說說當晚情況,謝謝!

Translated Below:
I went to the first Absolutely Shirley Kwan Concert. She looked very cute. In the second show, she's elegant and gorgeous. Unfortunately, I missed the third show. If any one of you were there, please leave a message here and let me know what it's like. Thanks.

From Nancy Yim
February 17, 1996.

I am from Austin, TX, and I think Shirley is great! It's a shame that she is not in the spotlight as other singers are. I think her style is unique, unlike many other pop stars.

From Wen
February 16, 1996.

Shirley is my favorite female singer in Hong Kong. I like her unique style and attractive voice. When I listen to her songs, I can always feel the soul in them! I don't have much comments on her styles, what's important is that she makes herself stand out from the crowd. There's no comparison between her and Faye, because Shirley has more originality, and her voice is not any worse than Faye. Shirley's talent should therefore be recognized by more people. I've had friends who never listened to Chinese songs who fell in love with Shirley's songs immediately after hearing it! I give my fully support to Shirley!

From genevieve
February 10, 1996.

Shirley has a nice voice and can dance well, too. However she is still not as popular as Faye or Cass, but she has her group of faithful fans like me who will support her forever.

From Dmitry Lin
February 9, 1996.

Shirley is one of the few cool looking as well as talented Asian performer of all times! Along with Faye Wong (which they both are unique and distinguished in their own individual ways), they are the epitome of what a true artist should be...one that could express themselves freely and openly in an absolutely fabulous way! Her artistic skills and originality was prevalent in the "magazine video" where she put herself in the magazines called Interview and Vogue. The song itself can be described as super delicious!!

From Sophi Joanne Do
February 6, 1996.

My name is Sophi Do. I live in Boston. I am a big fan of Shirley Kwan. I love her smile and the way she dresses. I have three of her tapes and one of her CD's. I would love to get an e-mail message from her.

From K. W. Ng
February 5, 1996.

I am one of her fan in Malaysia. Her voice is so outstanding. Apart from that, she is also so polite and humble. For sure I will continue to give her my fully support.

From Pak
February 1, 1996.

Once upon a time, there was a girl with a flat nose, red mouth, curly hair standing in front of wall...... Oh! Who will buy this ablum, with this ???? cover. But one day, when I slept in a corner, and heard her song, Oh! I love it! I really love it! From that day began, she became my favoite singer in my life. Shirley keep going! You are the best of the best!

From Keith Lau
February 1, 1996.

I think she have very much potential to be the top singer in HK.

From Steven Yau
January 30, 1996.

She is the greatest female singer in HK!!

From Sharon Tsui
January 29, 1996.

I think Shirley is getting more and more mature as compared to other HK female "lady" singers. I love her style and hope her can forget about a those useless and stupid "Most popular singer" prizes. Hope she knows that there are a lot fans supporting her, even on the 'Net.

From Danny
January 28, 1996.

Simply, Shirley is the Best! She has the best voice, the best song, and the best style......What she need is more self-confidence, and better relationship with the press.

Don't compare her with faye, they have different image and style, Shirley is a talented singer, and emphasis on originality, Faye is only a copycat.(especially her singing method and image design)

From wwong@enterprise.ca
January 23, 1996.

Shirley Kwan is not a "female Hacken Lee" or a "copy of Wang Fei"... Shirley Kwan is Shirley Kwan, an artist with the remarkable ability to communicate her inner-most feelings to her listeners through her music... Many people are critical of Shirley's appearance, saying that her image is "unattractive" or "strange"... We must remember that we are listening to Shirley's voice and not her face... However, I believe that Shirley is most beautiful (outside and inside)... everytime I hear her music, I think of fond memories... Who else in Hong Kong music can do this?... Shirley, forever...

From Anonymous
January 22, 1996.

I think Shirley is the best female singer in Hong Kong who I've ever seen. However, not many one accept her style till now. I think it is not fair to say that she is following what Faye Wong is doing since in many cases, Shirley was the very first one in expressing herself in that way. It is because many eyes are only focused on Faye. Instead, Shirley is not worst than Faye and she is definately better than Faye in many fields. Her particular image and the beautiful voice attract me most. She showed improvements in every of her album released and the best one should be "On The Road Of Life".

I think Shirley should be able to protect herself most. I have been supporting her since she first come to this music industry and of course I will support her FOREVER.

From jayhsu@usc.edu
January 21, 1996.

Shirley has an amazing voice that can handle all types of music. I thoroughly enjoy listening to her songs, and I loved her concert. When is she going to have a concert in L.A.? Anyways, I think Polygram should make a stronger effort to promote Shirley Kwan, or her albums at least if she doesn't want to be in the spotlight, because her talent and music deserves much more recognition than it currently holds. In the meanwhile, I'll be sitting here waiting for her next album...

From ma280308@hkpu01.polyu.edu.hk
January 20, 1996.

I like her voice too much. Keep on trying all kind of music is her best selling point!

I think PolyGram missuse this talent!

From as400733@orion.yorku.ca
January 19, 1996.

Shirley is simply the best female singer in Hong Kong! She is more complete than any one, since she performs equally well with every type of songs, and equally well live or at the studio.

P.S. I just hope she will return to her long hairstyle.

From awai@Sac.on.ca
January 17, 1996.

Shirley's the best, her songs are great. I think we should all support her.

From ches.chan@utoronto.ca
January 16, 1996.

Shirley is the greatest HK female singer. Her best album would probably be the one with the cats eye, but then all of her CDs are great!

From gohk000@ugrad.unbc.edu
January 13, 1996.

Shirley! Shirley! Shirley! Shirley! Shirley! Shirley! You are the BEST !!!! Shirley! Shirley! Shirley! Shirley!

January 13, 1996.

I think she is very pretty. Shame that I missed her concert last year.

From peter.chan@sunwall.se
January 9, 1996.

She's a fantastic singer. No one can compare to her on the Hong Kong stage.

From b72u@musicb.mcgill.ca
January 8, 1996.

Shirley is great since her very first appearence. She is unique and cool! Hope she'll last forever!! (That actually depends on us, right?!)

From Dicky
January 1, 1996.

She is the queen of POP in HK. The most favourite Shirley CD I like is "EX -- all time favourite". She found her own style.

From yyng@pl.jaring.my
December 29, 1995.

I knew Shirley when I saw "Jade Solid Gold", is shown on our local TV station, TV3. I appreciate her outstanding vocal abilities. She is a talented singer, I just like her.

From s945863@mailserv.cuhk.hk
December 23, 1995.

Shirley is one of the best artists in Hong Kong and also Asia. However her low profile always makes others misunderstand her. Anyway, I appreciate her music a lot. Her music is outstanding and unique but to many in Hong Kong, it may be too difficult to comprehend. I hope that her music can be made to be a bit closer to the general public in order to get more public recognition first instead of just insisting on her new music style. By the way, she is still a pop singer! Though she is not the best live performer, she must be one of those that we have to listen to.

From anku168@ipoline.com
December 22, 1995.


From gerwin.ho@utoronto.ca
December 20, 1995.

Shirley is the female Hacken Lee--someone who had great promise, but never realized her full potential due to her personal affairs. She will never achieve the superstar status should could have attained, but has made a wise decision in becoming the alternative diva in HK, a niche occupied only by herself and Faye Wong.

From rkus@netcom.com
December 16, 1995.

Shirley never let us down in all her previous albums. To me, she's really a cool singer =)

From "a student in Canada"
December 15, 1995.

I think Shirley is the queen of pop in HK. Great voice, songs and her special style!

From Anonymous
December 15, 1995.

Shirley may not be the best live-performer in HK but she surely is the best female singer. From her music, we can see that she has put a lot of effort and personality in recording each song.

I've been a great fan since her first album.

From "nil"
December 9, 1995.

I love Shirley and ,absolutely, her every songs. She is one of the best singer in HK's music world. I cannot describe how great she is, but she is really great...u know.

From "Don't Know It"
December 7, 1995.

As someone who has played some English songs with Shirley during her spot with UBE at the CR2 Anything Goes concert, it would be nice to hear her sing some more Latin-style songs. I agree with everyone, her voice is really good, certainly the most distinctive sound in HK.

From tlui@drew.edu
December 7, 1995.

I think she's the best. She has style and her songs are great. I have been her fan since she released her first album.

From tyik@ix.netcom.com
December 7, 1995.

The more I listen to her music, the more I love her voice. I really think she is a great singer. I just hope that PolyGram would continue to focus attention to Shirley now that Priscilla is Back. If Shirley shows good sales figures on her next album, it would do her great in every aspects.... Furthmore I believe Priscilla's recent album did not have much impact and is 'weaker' than her Welcome Back album. Shirley hitting the top saless would definitely put her strong contention for Sky Queen. She really needs to do well this upcoming album...

From ninka@portal.ca
December 4, 1995.

Shirley is one of the most under-rated singers in HK. Talent wise, she is one of tops. However, since her image is some what unique, she is not well recognized...=(

From pdung@oboe.aix.calpoly.edu
December 4, 1995.

I think she has a voice that is irreplicable by any other singer. My dad thinks her songs are hard to sing; yet that makes her great. If she can be replicated, she would be like the rest. She is the one and only Shirley.

Every album that I have listened to, I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I don't recall any song that I particularly disliked. I feel her effort and quality in her voice.

And not to forget, she can really sing those slow sad songs, the ones that she carry on without the music. I look forward to every album.

From richardho@cuhk.hk
December 4, 1995.

Great voice! Great singing skill!

From claw@ecr.mu.oz.au
December 3, 1995.

I love Shirley's first album very much. But then the following albums are not that good until recently I found that her songs are becoming better again. It is clear that she has improved her singing technique a lot. Her image is good and unique as well.

From aaront@mathlab.sunysb.edu
December 2, 1995.

I think she is the greatest singer, personal. I have almost all of her cd's.

From h9026564@asterix.wu-wien.ac.at
December 2, 1995.

She is a great female singer....like her songs...hope she will stay in the show-business for a long time.

From JuJu@ingress.com
December 1, 1995.

I think she is a lovely and wonderfully talented.

From c3822347@comp.polyu.edu.hk
December 1, 1995.

The Songs of Shirley are very Good!

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