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Date: September 19, 1997.
Subject: Chic Chak 10th Anniversary
Source: Apple Daily

Commercial Radio will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of its Chic Chak Music Awards by holding a gala at the new wing of the Exhibition Center in addtion to the yearly awards ceremony at the Hongkong Colesium on January 1. Hoi Fung Lam and Man Fai Got will act as MC's.

Ka Wai Law, Commercial Radio's director of productions, expresses Sally Yeh and Sandy Lam has already agreed to take part in the gala. Others, like Wah Kin Chow, George Lam, Anthony Wong, Aaron Kwok and Sammi Cheng are being contacted. Faye Wong, Beyond, Ekin Cheung and Shirley Kwan would be invited as well.

Date: August 21, 1997.
Subject: Theme Song for CR's Radio Play
Source: Apple Daily

Shirley will sing the theme song for Commercial Radio's 38th anniversary radio play, The Tales of New Age [新人類年代記], starring Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau, Su Kei, Tony Leung, Carina Lau, Gigi Leung and Daniel Chan. Titled Take Me to the Dance [帶我去跳舞], penned by CR's DJ Kwok Ching with lyrics by Raymond Wong, the song will be released in 1,000 singles for promotional purposes.

As of today, Shirley still has not signed a contract with any record company. It has been suggested that she is currently negotiating with former WEA senior executive Paul Ewing's Wing Records. Allegedly, her main demands are freedom in creativity and limited promotional work.

Date: July 2, 1997.
Subject: The Story of Buddha
Source: Apple Daily

Alan Tam, Chi Wai Tsang, Suk Ching Yau, Heung Kam Lee and Shirley Kwan, etc. performed in the The Story of Buddha [釋迦傳] at the Hongkong Stadium yesterday. Buddist scriptures were recited by the monks for the fortune of Hongkong after the hand over. The Chief Executive of the Special Adminstrative Region Chi Wah Tung was the guest of honor.

Date: June 27, 1997.
Subject: Refusing Interviews
Source: Apple Daily

Yesterday, Shirley participated in the rehearsal of the opera The Story of Buddha [釋迦傳] sponsored by the Hongkong Buddhist Confederation [香港佛教聯合會], which is scheduled to take place in the Hongkong Stadium on July 1. Upon arrival, she promptly refused to meet with the press, yelling, "Don't take pictures, don't take pictures! I don't want to do any interviews, I'm sorry!" Needless to say, the reporters not pleased.

Alan Tam, who would also be starred in the show, talked with her in private for a while. Shirley relunctantly allowed a few pictures to be taken before she returned to work. When asked what the conversation was about, Tam replied, "We were just chatting. I asked her if she's decided on which company she's going to work for next, but she said they're still negotiating. Although we know each other pretty well, I didn't have her any advice. She's a smart girl. It would be a pity if she does not sing anymore."

Date: June 18, 1997.
Subject: CR2 Interview
Source: Apple Daily

In an interview during Wyman Wong's Are You Game? [係咪玩魔 radio program two days ago, Shirley talked about how she feels about being cut out of the movie Happy Together [春光乍洩]. "In the beginning, I was thinking I'm helping out a friend, so we didn't signed any contracts. I was told I would have to spend two weeks in Argentina, end up spending two months there. Kai Wai Wong doesn't use a script for his movies at all. When my friends asked me if I was going to play the role of someone's wife, I didn't even know what's going on. But as an actress, I was prepared to have some parts removed in the final release," she said.

What Shirley is not happy about with is the fact that, till this date, her contact still have not given her an explanation of what happened. She adds, "he (the contact) only mentioned it to my friend, and told her to tell me that all my parts in the movie were cut. My friend is neither my agent nor my assistant, so she told him to speak with me himself. But to this date, he still haven't discuss it with me."

Date: June 9, 1997.
Subject: Hongkong Return to China Show
Source: Yan

Shirley will appear in the Hongkong Return to China Show to be held at the Hongkong Stadium on July 1, 1997 15:00. Eddie King, Alan Tam, etc., will also perform in the show.

Source from a DJ at Metro 997's (Banana Club) June 8, 1997.

Date: June 3, 1997.
Subject: The Making of Happy Together VCD
Source: Ming Pao Online

Wong Ka Wai announced yesterday his newly-founded Spring Light Record Company will release original movie soundtracks for his works and alternative music, with Rock Records as the distributor. Also coming soon is The Making of Happy Together VCD [春光乍洩製作特輯 VCD], which will include footage of Shirley's part in the movie.

Date: May 20, 1997.
Subject: Wong on Cutting Out Shirley's Part in Happy Together
Source: Ming Pao Online

After receiving the best director award at the Cannes Film Festival, Wong Ka Wai talked about cutting out Shirley's part in the movie Happy Together [春光乍洩]. He explained that was necessary due to the length of the film, and Shirley is an actress that shows potential. He looks forward to working with her again.

Date: April 11, 1997.
Subject: New Album Empathy Released
Source: Apple Daily

A new album of Shirley's has been released yesterday. This is her last album working under PolyGram. It was completed at the beginning of 1996, but due to contractual problems, it has been put on hold until now. About 10 new songs were recorded, but only two of them, Dancing on the Clouds [雲上舞] and Infection [傳染], were included in Empathy [心靈相通].

Yesterday when asked about how she feels about her work finally seeing the light, Shirley replied, "the cover was made in 1995, and the songs were ready in 1996. It's only released in 1997, it certainly feels quite dated. I don't have any special feelings about this."

She declined to comment on the rumor that she is considering starting a production house with the record labels acting as the distributor.

On a related note, Hok Yuen Cheung, Shirley's image consultant and a good friend of hers, responed to the rumors claiming $15 million per contract is too high a price for her. "Those are irresponsible reporting. Shirley never set an asking price with the record companies. It's them who offered to pay as much. If she is doing it for money, she would have signed on already."

Date: January 19, 1997.
Subject: Shirley Starring in Puppy Love
Source: Apple Daily

Shirley will take part in Got Man Fai's latest movie, Puppy Love [初戀]. Other actors includes Kam Sing Mo, Li Wai Wai and Got himself, with Wong Ka Wai as the producer. The movie has a budget of $14 million, and scheduled to be completed at the end of February. The release date has not be decided, however.

Date: November 16, 1996.
Subject: Shooting in Argentina
Source: Mingpao Online

Wong Ka Wai's new movie, [春光乍洩], is shooting on location in Argentina. This section is scheduled to complete at the end of the month. However, a number of changes had been made to the script. While Leslies Cheung returns to Hongkong as planned, Tony Leung will still be staying in Argentina, until the shooting of the whole movie is completed.

All the information about the film released so far are focused on the two actors, with no mention of the actresses at all. Rumors circulated before the start of the shooting said that the female leading role will be played by Faye Wong, Maggie Cheung or Anita Yuen, but all three are busy in their own ways, with no confirmation of their involvement of the movie.

The latest news is that Shirley Kwan had already flown to Argentina for the shooting of this movie. When the reporter tried to verify this claim with her assistant, she did not deny, and confirmed that Shirley is indeed in Argentina at the moment. However, she declined to comment on whether the trip is related to the film.

In the past six months, there had been little news about Shirley. The main reason is that her contract with PolyGram (HK) Ltd. had expired, and she still has not signed with other companies yet. Reportedly, talks with Fitto is underway.

Regarding her part in the movie, she was recruited by the director himself. So only she has all the details. Further information will have to wait until she returns to Hongkong.

Date: November 8, 1996.
Subject: Starring in Wong Ka Wai's New Movie
Source: Apple Daily

After Shirley's contract PolyGram expired in June, there has not been much news about her. But negotiations with a number of record companies and film houses are underway. Fitto is said to be interested in bringing her under their record label.

In Wong Ka Wai's [王家衛] upcoming movie [春光乍洩], Shirley will play the leading role, as the wife of Tony Leung Chiu Wai. The search has been going on for some time, and other actresses like Carina Lau Ka Ling, Faye Wong and Anita Yuen Wing Yee were considered. The choice turns out to be quite a surprising one.

Wong has always appreciated Shirley's talents, exhibited by his use of her remake of Forget Him as the theme song of his last movie, Fallen Angels.

Reportedly, Shirley has already left town and is on her way to join Wong's team in Argentina.

Date: October 27, 1996.
Subject: Final Music Union
Source: Mingpao

A farewell party for Music Union was held last Sunday. Music Union is a gathering place for local music lovers. Four years after its inception, it has to face its closure because of financial difficulties.

A total of 33 units, including Shirley Kwan, Anthony Wong Yiu Ming, Tat Lau Government Primary School (a team led by Tat) and a number of local bands attended the party.

Authors' Note:

CR2's Anything Goes concert, held last year, was initiated by Music Union. In the concert, Shirley performed with a band called UBE.

Date: October 25, 1996.
Subject: PolyGram 88 Ultimate Fidelity Series - Shirley Kwan Goes Triple Platinum
Source: Next Magazine Issue 346

According to Chu Ho Tong, a manager in PolyGram(HK), the sale of Shirley's new compilation, PolyGram 88 Ultimate Fidelity Series - Shirley Kwan [寶麗金 88 極品音色系列 . 關淑怡], has reach triple Platinum. Approximately 150,000 copies were sold.

Date: September 23, 1996.
Subject: Shirley - "I never intended to quit."
Source: Singtao Online, Mingpao Online, ShingPao, Apple Daily and Hong Kong Daily News

It has been said that Shirley refused to do interviews with the press. Yesterday, at Out of the Blur's premiere, she was glad to do so.

Since early June, she had travelled to the States, Beijing and Shanghai. While she had been to these places for work before, the stays were brief and she never had the chance to do any sight-seeing whatsoever. She finally had the time to do this now, and the trips were very relaxing. She said she was still in holiday mood.

She feels as if she had been working like a computer in the years at PolyGram. Too much information was "fed" to her, and she needs the time to "erase" it and make room for new ideas.

Shirley's contract with PolyGram has expired. Negotiation with a number of record companies, with the exception of the PolyGram, are under way. When asked about if keeping a low profile would be one of her terms, she replied that it is difficult to say want she wants. Cutting back on exposure is not a must. The music industry is in the state of flux, and it is not appropriate to categorize work as "high profile" or "low profile". She would be glad to do any promotion that is necessary. On claims that will never give interviews anymore, she countered that she has never made such statement. And she promise she would keep the press informed of her decision regarding her new contract.

Since Shirley disappeared in the past few months, there has been rumors that she will leave the industry. "I never intend to quit. But I don't know as time goes by. In fact, I spent too little time with my family when I's doing the albums, and the trips were good chances for me to compensate," she replied.

"My sincerity to music hasn't diminished at all. Right now, my will is still being a singer."

Shirley knows that her fans miss her, but there is only so much that she can do. Of course, she would like to have control over the release of her albums, but that is impossible in reality.

Speaking of romance, is she currently in a relationship? Shirley said she is not, and it was warm to go on trips with her family. It does not matter whether she has a boyfriend or not. She does not give too much thought to it, and would play as it goes.

Date: September 12, 1996.
Subject: Appearance in Out of the Blur
Source: Apple Daily

Out of the Blur, a short feature film directed by Jan Lam Hoi Fung, will start showing in the Lee Theatre on September 21, 1996. The movie is 30-minute in length and consists of a total of 14 stories. There is no dialogue in the movie.

Since it is sponsored by PolyGram, some artists under the record label and its subsidiaries stars in the film, including Shirley Kwan, Jacky Cheung, Tat Lau, William So, Anthony Wong, Vivian Chow, etc.

Date: September 5, 1996.
Subject: New Contract With PolyGram
Source: Oriental Daily (Courtesy of Kevin Tong)

According to a spokesman of PolyGram, their contract with Shirley is ready, just waiting to be signed.

Date: August 21, 1996.
Subject: New Compilation Released

A new compilation of Shirley's, titled PolyGram 88 Ultimate Fidelity Series - Shirley Kwan [寶麗金 88 極品音色系列 . 關淑怡] is released today.

Date: August 17, 1996.
Subject: Contract Matter
Source: Apple Daily

On August 15th, Shirley attended the concert by the Japanese musician Ryuichi Sakamoto [板本龍一] with the seniors from international records department of PolyGram (HK) Ltd. In response to the inquiries regarding her contract renewal with PolyGram, Shirley said, "Thanks for your concerns. You will know about it later. This is not the right moment to talk about this."

Date: August 11, 1996.
Subject: New Compilation Due Soon

A new compilation of Shirley's will be released soon. Rumor has that it'll include a total of 17 songs, and the remastering will make use of Denon's 20-bit "Mastersonic" process.

Date: June 21-22, 1996.
Subject: Transferred to PolyGram's New Subsidiary?
Source: Apple Daily

There are rumors that Marlboro Red Hot Hits is going to establish a new record company. The company will be a subsidiary of PolyGram (HK), like Cinepoly. As Shirley's contract with PolyGram (HK) expired on 1 June 95, it was said that she would be transferred to this new company. Joyce Yau Wing Yan, who was appeared in a Marlboro album released last year, is another singer under this so-called-to-be-established company.

Date: June 14, 1996.
Subject: The Contract With PolyGram Has Expired
Source: Apple Daily

According to a PolyGram insider, Shirley Kwan's contract with the record company expired on June 1, 1996. It was said that PolyGram had tried hard to convince Shirley to stay with them. But it seemed that she was not paying much attention to it. She even changed her phone number and pager number so that no one in the company could reach her.

Indeed PolyGram planned to release her latest Cantonese album in late June. All the new ten songs in the album were finished long time ago. Only if Shirley agrees to sign the new contract, a number of promotional activities can begin immediately.

However, the fact is, Shirley likes to hide herself. Apart from hiding from the press, she tries to escape from those who in PolyGram's. On the other hand, there are also rumors that Chan Yu Hung [陳汝雄], the director of PolyGram Far East, called Shirley directly urging her to seriously consider staying in PolyGram. Although she said she would renew the contract, no action has been taken so far. Besides, she is angered by the one who disclosed her new phone number to others.

To validate the allegations above, the reporters of Apple Daily tried to contact Mr. Chan. However, Mr. Chan refused to give any comments, stating that he had to go to a conference. Neither William Kwan Wai Lun [關維麟], the manager who is responsible for the contract matters with Polygram's singers, nor Shirley Kwan herself could be reached.

Although Shirley is not currently working under any record label, she has no reason to worry. Music Impact and Go East, a subsidiary of PolyGram (HK), are very interested in having Shirley as one of their singers. "Although she is not on the top in the industry, the sale figures of her albums are very stable. None of her albums has lost money so far. For sure, record companies should be interested in such kind of singers," an insider in the records industry analysed.

Shirley is now preparing for her part in director Wong Ka Wai's upcoming movie, No Frills Products [無印良品]. She will be the "second leading actress" in the movie.

Date: June 9, 1996.
Subject: Work on the Upcoming Album Completed A Long Time Ago
Source: Apple Daily

Although Shirley attended the Tat Ming A Pair Again Concert [天花亂聚之達明又一派音樂會] organized by Commercial Radio Two on June 9, 1996, she declined all interviews through CR2's public relations personel.

After attending the 30-Hour Famine [饑饉三十] in April, it was said that Shirley left Hong Kong for trip. However, Shirley refused to disclose where she visited.

The production of her upcoming album was finished a long time ago. The cover design was completed in last December. The image and the hair style in this album are likely to be similar to the ones she appeared during the Tat Ming A Pair Again Concert [天花亂聚之達明又一派音樂會]. (That is, like in the album "Ex" All Time Favorites.)

Date: June 2, 1996.
Subject: In Tat Ming's Upcoming Concert

Shirley will participate in the Tat Ming A Pair Again Concert [天花亂聚之達明又一派音樂會], to be held at the AC Hall on June 7, 1996. The concert is sponsored by Commercial Radio 2, and is dedicated to the reunion of the Tat Ming Pair. Shirley will perform the song Forget He Is Her [忘記他是她] with the arranger C. Y. Kong.

The tickets are not available for sale.

Date: May 31, 1996.
Subject: Remake of Tat Ming's Song on CR2

Shirley's remake of Tat Ming's song can be heard via Commercial Radio 2 Live Feed during Leung S.F.'s program at HKT18:00-19:00.

Date: May 26, 1996.
Subject: Shirley in Wong Kar Wai's Next Movie?
Source: Apple Daily

There are rumors that director Wong Kar Wai is working on a movie starring Tony Leung Chiu Wai [梁朝偉], Maggie Cheung Man Yuk [張曼玉], Takeshi Kaneshiro [金城武] and Shirley Kwan Suk 'e [關淑怡].

Date: May 26, 1996.
Subject: In Salem's Concert
Source: Advertisement

Shirley will participate in a concert sponsored by the tobacco firm Salem. Details as follows.

Date & Time: June 19, 1996. 8:00PM
Venue: Hong Kong Colesium
Tickets: $280, $200, $120, $60.
Produced by: Newart Production Ltd.
Galaxy Production House
Engineering Impact Limited
Music Director: Kai Sung Chow
Inquiries: 2517-8698
Reservations: 2734-9009

Tickets are available at URBTIX ticket sales centers. Other guests include Joyce Lee, Chi Lam Cheung, Andy Hui, Vivian Lai, Danny Summer, Wing Leung Lun, Tak Cheung Chan, Zen, part of Taichi, Kwok King Ng and Kai Sung Chow.

Date: March 26, 1996.
Subject: Asking for Millions
Source: Mingpao Online

Recently, there are reports saying that Shirley is asking for more than $10 million for her new contract, and some even suggest that she does not worth that much.

Shirley remarked that whenever an artist's contract is up for renewal, rumors like this are bound to come up. She too had read the article in question, but what it says is not exactly true. She said how much an artist worths depends on his potential, not just what is immediate apparent. Besides, they are not items on auction, being appraised by everybody. Those inaccurate reports are unfair to both PolyGram and herself.

How is her contract renewal talk with PolyGram going? She said the conditions are quite good, but given its sensitivity nature, she cannot comment any further. Also, she has been approached by several other companies. Which one offers the highest bid? She said it is different for each company, and the most important thing is that it should give her a sense of security and a good working environment. Support is also very important, and she hopes she can have more flexibility.

Shirley admitted she still has a deep feeling for Polygram, but what means most to her is her producer Joseph Ip. He is very important in her life, and they are very close.

Date: March 16, 1996.
Subject: Shirley in Lau Yee Tat's "concept album"

In Lau Yee Tat's new "concept album", titled Insensibilities [麻木], you can find Shirley's new song, Cuddle 28,800bps [繾綣28,800bps]. Other singers involved in the said album include Lau Yee Tat himself, Faye Wong, Wong Chow Sang [黃秋生] and some singers from mainland China.

Date: March 12, 1996.
Subject: Shirley in PolyGram's The World Concert Laser Disc

The laser disc of PolyGram (HK) Ltd.'s The World Concert '95 has been released. You can find Shirley performing live in The World Song [為全世界歌唱], Dream Partner [夢伴], Are There Any Friends In Life [人生可有知己], Forget Him [忘記他], When Will Him Come Again [何日君再來] (Originally by Teresa Tang) and Ask [問] with Jacky Cheung.

Author's Note

The track Are There Any Real Friends in Life [人生可有知己] is even better than the one in the concert LD. Don't miss it.

Date: March 6, 1996.
Subject: Polygram - "We've Been Talking for 6 Months"
Source: Apple Daily

Since Shirley was ill, she did not attend PolyGram (HK) Ltd.'s lunar new year banquet. In the occasion, William Kwan Wai Lun [關維麟] said that they have been discussing the renewal of Shirley's contract for half a year already, and now it is in the final stage. He could not say much more than that because there are still many unknowns. He claimed PolyGram does provide good offers to Shirley. Whether to renew the contract or not, it depends on Shirley.

Date: March 6, 1996.
Subject: Contract Renewal With PolyGram Continued
Source: Mingpao Online

Regarding Shirley's recent comments on PolyGram's lack of support, PolyGram's Productions Director William Kwan Wai Lun [關維麟] responded that after further communications, the problem is found to be not as serious as it had been suggested. Shirley is recording her upcoming album now, and they are having negotiations for the renewal of the contract.

Date: March 3, 1996.
Subject: Holding Concerts and Renewal of the Contract Are Unrelated
Source: Apple Daily

Yesterday, Shirley appeared in an activity organized by Commercial Radio 2. Regarding the renewal of her contract, manager Au Moon Choi [區滿財] of PolyGram said, "Having worked with Shirley for several years, we are confident that Shirley will stay with us. And we will continue to provide great support for her." However, Shirley claimed they have not discuss anything pertaining to the contract officially. She does not know if she will be staying in Polygram. Haste is unwarranted.

"Indeed we haven't had detailed discussion and thus I can't say the probability of reaching an agreement. The most important issue is whether Polygram is still sincere to cooperate with me. The conditions which Polygram offers are also taken into consideration", she said. Polygram announced that they are going to hold concerts for Shirley and Vivian Lai next year. Would it be considered as one of the terms of the contract?

"I think the renewal of the contract and holding concerts are two independent issues. My concert last year concert was well-received. A number of production companies contacted Polygram for the next concert. However, I don't know why Polygram did not go for further discussions", Shirley stated.

On the other hand, Shirley expressed gratitude to Polygram. She feels Polygram is a democratic company.

Date: March 3, 1996.
Subject: Still Preliminary
Source: Oriental Daily

Shirley said her negotiation with Polygram on the renewal of her contract is still in an early stage.

Date: March 3, 1996.
Subject: Losing Sleep Over the Contract Problem
Source: Shing Pao

Shirley's contract with Polygram will expire in June. But they still haven't started the discussion for the renewal of the contract.

"I prefer to keep things slow and not to rush through it. There are also some reasons that I can't disclose", Shirley explained. She thinks one company should protect the singers and permit experimentation with different kinds of music. There is rumor that after the return of Priscilla Chan, Polygram seems to concentrate on her and pay less attention to Shirley. She did not answer directly. "I have a plan but don't know whether the company would back me up. Therefore, I haven't propose it to them yet." She does not think that the delay of her new Cantonese album is related to the contract problem.

Shirley does not sleep well because she is so anxious about the contract and the seek for a new agent. She wants somebody who can share her workloads. Chan Ka Yin [陳家瑛] (Faye Wong's agent) seems to be the right person. However, she is already busy for working for Faye, and Shirley worries Miss Chan might not provide enough time for her. On the other hand, she finds there are no good agents in Hong Kong. "Big company" is not her cup of tea because she thinks they cannot provide sufficient support to the artists.

Date: March 2, 1996.
Subject: Contract Renewal With PolyGram
Source: Shing Pao

Shirley Kwan's contract with her record company, PolyGram (HK) Ltd., is going to expire soon. They are discussing the renewal of the contract now. However, there are still many unknowns. It was said that the problem was with Shirley herself. She feels PolyGram does not provide sufficient support for her, and she is quite disappointed by the promotions of her songs.

A recent example is the song Talking To Myself [自言自語]. Polygram plugged the song to radio stations last December, but no other new songs was available for "backing up". The promotion of the duet Blessed Mary [萬福瑪利亞], with Anthony Wong, was done by Wong's record company, Go East, not PolyGram.

In addition, her latest Cantonese album was scheduled for release in March. However, due to the production and the contract problems, it is postponed to April or May, at the earliest. As this is not the first time such things happen, she has really lost confidence in her company. She needs further considerations as to whether she should continue her stay. PolyGram claims it is very concerned about keeping Shirley as one of their singers. With the proposal of a concert in 1997, they hope Shirley will stay with them.

The reporter tried to contact the PolyGram's Productions Director William Kwan Wai Lun [關維麟] for further information but he is not currently in town. So the manager Au Moon Choi [區滿財] was brought in for comments. Mr. Au said, "Shirley is discussing the renewal of her contract with us. Since I am not responsible for the contracts with singers, I can't give any comments."

Date: February 26, 1996.
Subject: Concert Next Year
Source: Apple Daily

Right after Priscilla Chan's concerts, PolyGram announced that Jacky Cheung, Shirley Kwan and Vivian Lai will hold their concerts next year.

Date: February 21, 1996.
Subject: Lunar New Year Traditions
Source: Shing Pao, Mingpao Online

Shirley had not visited her relatives' during Lunar New Year for several years because almost all of them had migrated to other countries already. However, coming from a traditional family, she still follows the Chinese traditions of "walking for luck" [行大運] and "welcoming the money god" [接財神]. But she does not go to the midnight flea market [行年宵] anymore, as she is afraid of large crowds of people. She feels as if she is being pushed around.

She feels the festive atmosphere is not as strong as that in the past. There are less decorative lights, and nowadays people tend to leave town [避年] during this time. There are no kids playing around the block anymore. Even though she only has two days off during Lunar New Year, she still spends some time with her family and have a meal together [團年]. Her favorites are parsnip cakes and almond puddings.

Are her relatives urging her to get married? She said people tend to marry late now, and those who do are deemed more "desirable" [矜貴]. She does not care too much about marriage. It is better to let it take its own course.

She said after her concert last year her health keeps getting worse. Maybe she worked too hard for it. At that time, she was exhausted and finished it almost only by sheer will. She fell ill right afterwards, and it is now time to have a real rest. Since she did not feel well months ago, people thought Shirley pretended to keep a low profile.

When she took an X-ray after the concert, there was a shadow in her throat. She thought it was a tumor, and it bothered her for quite some time. When the report came out, it was determined as a swelling only.

Date: February 17, 1996.
Subject: New Song with Vivian Chow

In the new compilation At Seventeen Pretty Girls' Declarations Vol.6 [At Seventeen 美少女宣言 Vol. 6], there is a new duet by Shirley and Vivian Chow titled Heart Of Man [男人心]. Another song of Shirley's included in this compilation is the live version of When There Are No Roses In the World [當世界無玫瑰], which can also be found in the Concert LD.

Date: February 14, 1996.
Subject: Metro's Golden Heart Love Song Awards 96'
Source: Mingpao Online (Feb 15), Singtao Online (Feb 15), Mingpao Online (Feb 16)

In Metro Radio's Golden Heart Love Song Awards, "Ah Lak" Chan Pak Cheung talked about Michael Chau Man Kin as he presented Shirley with the Golden Heart Female Singer (Silver) award. When asked if she was offended by this, she said she was not, and "Ah Lak" is always like this.

After being teased by "Ah Lak", she went after him in embarrassment. Regarding this, she said, "Of course I'd to make some response! He's only joking. Every artists are asked about their rumors as they go on stage. It's okay for easing up the atmosphere."

She added, "frankly, I'd rather he talked about him [Michael] than many others."

As the awards were given out on the Valentine's Day, all the winners had to answer a question about love. When asked what she would like to get for this special occasion, Shirley replied, "a passionate kiss."

This year, Shirley received a number of presents from friends and co-workers, but no flowers. She said she was not disappointed. In fact, she did not spend the past few Valentine's Day with a lover already. In Western societies, Valentine's Day is considered a day to express love, both the romantic kind and not. But in Hongkong, people are only concerned about their lovers. She feels strange that she still have not met a man that gives her a "special feeling". Her friends countered that she is locking herself up. How can she meet anybody if she does not go out at all? Shirley insists it is a matter of destiny.

Her song Forget Him was named as one of the Top Ten Golden Heart Love Songs.

Date: January 30, 1996.
Subject: Moved in with Chow Man Kin?
Source: Mingpao Online, Singtao Online

Recently, Chow Man Kin suggested to reporters that he had a relationship with Shirley, they even lived together. And their breakup was not caused by a third party. Shirley strongly denies these claims. She acknowledges that Chow Man Kin is a good friend of hers, but they did not get in touch for quite some time. Knowing that he has a new girl friend, she is happy for him.

Date: January 22, 1996.
Subject: Concert February 22 - 24
Source: Advertisement in Apple Daily

Shirley will hold a series of concerts during lunar new year. The concerts are sponsored by the Regional Council. Details as follows.

Shirley Kwan New Year Concert [絕對關淑怡新年音樂會]
Tickets : 80, 130, 170, 220. (Half price for full-time students and seniors)
Date & Time Venue
February 22, 1996. 8:00PM Tsuen Wan Town Hall Auditorium
February 23, 1996. 8:00PM Sha Tin Town Hall Auditorium
February 24, 1996. 8:00PM Tuen Mun Town Hall Auditorium

Special guests include Chan Hiu Ton [陳曉東] and Cheng Ka Wing [鄭嘉穎]. Tickets are available now at URBTIX.

Author's Note

The said concerts were later described as "Lunar New Year events starring Shirley Kwan, Chan Hiu Ton and Cheng Ka Wing", not mini-concerts of Shirley Kwan as originally suggested.

Date: January 21, 1996.
Subject: Metro Radio Music Awards

Shirley's song Are There Any Real Friends In Life [人生可有知已] was named Hong Kong Metro Adult-Times Song [香港勁爆成人時代歌謠] in the Metro Radio Music Awards tonight.

Date: January 13, 1996.
Subject: New Song Talking To Oneself Online in RTHK's Chinese Pop Chart Program

Shirley's new song, Talking to Oneself [Chi Yin Chi Yu], can be heard over the Internet at today's RTHK's Chinese Pop Chart Program. Starting audio clip 2, time index 6:50:00.

Date: January 13, 1996.
Subject: More New Duets To Come
Source: Apple Daily

After doing a duet with Anthony Wong Yiu Ming, Shirley will cooperate with Lau Yee Tat, the other member in the now-disbanded Tat Ming Group, in a new song. Another duet with the Grasshoppers is also in the works. Shirley is now in search of a female singer that she can sing with.

"We don't have any ideas yet. I like to sing with others because we can have something new", she said.

People always think that Shirley's style is kind of "alternative", and she maintains a low profile deliberately. Her supercilious outlook is hardly found agreeable by others. Shirley said all these claims are not true.

"I don't think there are any 'alternative singers' in Hong Kong. My songs just differ slightly from those people are used to. With regard to maintaining a low profile, this is my trait. When I was still a new-comer, all I did were just for my job. Now, I only do promotions when new songs are out. This is my preference", Shirley explained. Maybe she is too "cool" on stage that people have such misconceptions.

Date: January 5, 1996.
Subject: Shirley Doesn't Want To Get Unjustified Prizes
Source: Apple Daily

Yesterday, Shirley participated in the press conference for Metro Radio's Music Awards. When asked about her absence in RTHK's Top 10 Singers list, she expressed that different organizations have different assessment schemes and standpoints.

In addition, none of the songs by Shirley appeared among the 90 candidates for the Top Ten songs awards. So, Shirley is not going to get any prizes from the Gold Songs of RTHK this year.

"In this case you'd ask Yeung Wai Hong (a former staff in Polygram). He was responsible for the promotion affairs last year. The position has just been filled recently," Shirley said.

There are rumors saying that Shirley does not have a good relationship with RTHK. Thus, she will not get any prizes from RTHK. "This is not reasonable", Shirley responded, "if it is really true, does it mean those who get their prizes only because they have good relations with RTHK?"

Date: January 2, 1996.
Subject: On CR Awards
Source: Mingpao Online

Shirley expressed that she was very happy to get the Silver award from Commercial Radio, but a bit disappointed by the fact that Are There Any Real Friends In Life? [人生可有知己] does not rank among the top ten. It is her favorite among her songs, and is representative of her works.

Date: January 1, 1996.
Subject: Shirley Bagged An Award from CR

In the music awards show sponsored by Commercial Radio tonight, Shirley was named the winner of the [Chik Chak] Female Singer Silver Award.

Date: January 1, 1996.
Subject: Shirley Thinks Faye Wong is the Best Female Singer of the Year
Source: TV Program for TVB JSG Top Ten

When asked to name the best female singer of the year, Shirley said she would pick Faye Wong Ching Man. She believes Faye has excellent singing techniques and a great voice. Besides, Faye gives listeners a "feel" that is hard to find in local music industry.

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