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In Other Albums

Jacky Cheung [張學友]

Young and Heartless [年少無情] in album You Are In My Dreams [夢中的妳]

Vivian Chow [周慧敏]

Heart of Man [男人心] in album A Bit More Love[多一點愛戀]

The Grasshoppers [草蜢]

So Sad in album Loving You Forever [永遠愛著您]
Love Is Even Deeper [情深愛更深] in album Loving You Forever [永遠愛著您]

Leon Lai [黎明]

Just For Fun (Chorus) in album The Love of Sky and Earth [天地豪情]

Lau Yee Tat [劉以達]

Cuddling 28800bps [繾綣 28800bps] in album Insensibilities [麻木]

Hacken Lee [李克勤]

Fleeting Stars [劃星] in album Happy Are Those In Love [難得有情人]
Everything is Created [一切是創造] in album 1001 Nights [一千零一夜]
I Only Want You To Know [只想你會意] (Chorus) in album I Only Want You To Know [只想你會意]
Still In Love [依然相愛] in album I Only Want You To Know [只想你會意]

Alan Tam [譚詠麟]

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow [明天你是否依然愛我] in album Myth 1991[神話1991]
Lovers Under the Moon [月下戀人] in album Love Story [愛情故事]
My Love in album To Life With a Smile [笑看人生]
Singles [單身一族] in album Refreshing Wave
True Lies [真實的謊話] (Voice and Rap) in album True Man [實在男人]

Anthony Wong [黃耀明]

Blessed Mary [萬褔馬利亞] in album The Later, The More Beautiful [越夜越美麗]


Take Me to the Dance [帶我去跳舞] in the promotional CD's of Commercial Radio's The Tales of New Age [新人類年代記]
CR2 Collection [叱吒903 無樂不作 無處不在]
The World Song [為全界歌唱] in album The World Song [為全界歌唱]
Moonlight Melody [月光曲] in album The World Song [為全界歌唱]
Forget Him is Her [忘記他是她] in album Flowers Falling From the Skies [天花亂墜我們都唱達明一派]


Pretty Girls Declartion Vol. 6 [At Seventeen 美少女宣言 Vol. 6]

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