About 'e space

About 'e space

The Story of 'e space
'e space in the Media
Frequently Asked Questions
Tools Used in the Making of 'e space
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The Story of 'e space

'e space took life as a web page containing the lyrics of Shirley's song Are There Any Real Friends in Life LMK put online back in June 1995. Included was a message saying a web page for Shirley Kwan will be constructed. Keith responded to the posting, and the two of them started working together on this site.

As work progressed, LMK and Keith found that they needed an expert in computer graphics to do the artwork for 'e space. Andrew, LMK's summer job partner, was brought into the project. After several months of hard work and more than 1,000 emails, 'e space was officially released on December 1, 1995.

'e space in the Media

Less than a month after its initial release, 'e space was named the first "Editor's Choice" by Hong KongBridge 96.
"Whether or not you are a fans of Shirley Kwan, 'e space is a must see for you." - Hong Kong Bridge 96

'e space was also featured in the first issue of PC Home Magazine! Click here to see the GIF version of the article (449kB).

There's a short piece on 'e space in the July 19, 1996, issue of Summer Net Fun, a magazine bundled with MingPao Daily News.

We would like to express our appreciation for their support, and we would try our best to make 'e space even better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Shirley Kwan?

Shirley Kwan suk 'e is a contract singer at PolyGram Records Ltd., Hongkong. She had released a number of albums in Cantonese, Mandarin and Japanese; and participated in one TV series and one movie. She held her first concert in June 1995.

How can I enjoy this site to its fullest?

This site is designed to work with any web browser in the market, from the text-only Lynx to Netscape Navigator. It would automatically make use of all the features that the browser supports. For best results, use Netscape Navigator version 1.1 or higher, and a display with 24-bit color capability. Set the window width to 600 pixels. Although the contents are mostly in English, you'll also need some software to decode the BIG-5 encoded Chinese characters.

How can I view the BIG-5 encoded Chinese characters here?

Try the Read Chinese in Net Applications page.

Why can't I find any audio or video files in 'e space?

Unfortunately, putting audio and video files online would constitute an act of copyright infringement. If there are any way we can obtain permissions to do so, we'll be more than happy to make them available here.

How often is this site updated?

It's being updated frequently, about every 2 or 3 days. The addition of news items are usually done within one day of their publications.

I really like the graphics here. What programs are used to create them?

Take a look at the Tools Used in the Making of 'e space section of this page.

Can I keep a copy of the photos I found here?

Permission is granted for personal use only. Please do not mirror material found in this site without the consent of the authors. Basically, the authors are open to share information. Email them for more info.

So how can I save the pictures?

If you're using Netscape Navigator, point the cursor at the image you want to save, press the right mouse button (just hold down the button if you're using a Mac) and a pop-up menu should appear. Select "save this image as..." and off you go. The procedures for other web browsers should be similar.

Are you guys working for PolyGram?

No. None of us is in any way affiliated with PolyGram Records Ltd., Hong Kong.

How can I contact Shirley?

The official avenue is through PolyGram Records Ltd., Hong Kong.
PolyGram Records Ltd. Hong Kong
6/F Railway Plaza
39 Chatham Road South
Hong Kong
Telephone: (852) 2301-5888
Fax: (852) 2312-7328

Tools Used in the Making of 'e space

Computers Software Scanners Photography

Coming Up

What you're seeing now is version 1.3 of 'e space. More news, lyrics and pictures are always coming online.

We are working on version 2.0 of 'e space. It will be a major overhaul of the whole site, and will make use of many new technologies, such as Netscape 2.0 extensions, Shockwave and Java. If there are anything particular you'd like to see in 'e space, or if you have any interesting ideas, let us know and we'll try our best to deliver them.


We would like to thank Frederick Koo for contributing information on the Japanese albums, CD Videos and Trivia.. And Jaffe Ling for the cover of the Japanese album Borderless; and Yik-Mien Ng for Trivia information. CDVs cover images are courtesy of Joe Yan from 'e FILE.

As always, we want to thank you for visiting 'e space and giving us feedbacks.

'e space Version History

Version Release Date Changes and Additions
1.3 September 18, 1996. Debut of "'e list"
1.2.2 July 7, 1996. Comments pages divided into two pages each
1.2.1 June 19, 1996. New transparent section header graphics
1.2 April 1, 1996. "Charts" section completed
"Trivia" section online
Line wraps fixed
1.1.1 March 11, 1996. "What's New" section superceded by "Noticeboard"
"'e space Exculsive" icons added
1.1 January 25, 1996. Addition of "What's New" and "Reviews"
Reorganization of "Albums" section
"Version History" expanded to "About 'e space"
Update of information on the Japanese albums
1.0 December 1, 1995. Site officially released
1.0b Nov 26, 1995. News page updated and revised
"End caps" added to navigation bar
"Back" link added to all photos in Gallery
Final debugging of the whole site
0.9 Nov 20, 1995. Facts section updated, new photo
More albums added to Albums, complete collection to-date
More concert photos on-line
Added version history
0.9b Nov 15, 1995. Poll Booth and Guestbook added
Custom bullets added to lists
Splash screen
Title bar and navigation bar in all pages
Skeleton for Charts and Trivia done
Removed "under construction" sign in main page
Fixed all files with extra line feeds
'e space logo done
0.8.5 Nov 6, 1995. Title bars added
Organizational changes in directories
New Guestbook icon
Albums added to the lyrics section
Headers removed from all lower-level pages
Facts section done
Lyrics section renamed Albums
0.8.4 Oct 7, 1995. Lyrics section operational
New lyric file-naming convention
Revised navigation bar
Gallery sc_1 broken down to 2 pages
0.8.3 Oct 4, 1995. Added navigation bar and page counter Reorganized main page
0.8.2 Tags added
0.8.1 September 25, 1995. News index added
0.8 September 17, 1995 New site header, page headers in place
Background image and section icons added
0.7.1 Temporary page headers added
0.7 July 23, 1995. Initial mockup. Text only.
Limited Gallery and News section


We need your help! If there are anything you can contribute, or if you have any suggestions or comments, please send them to Keith & LMK. Special thanks to Andrew for his fabulous artwork.