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This reviews section is meant to be a forum for exchanging ideas on Shirley Kwan's albums, including the laser discs. There is no presetted format. You can comment on any aspect of the albums, including the songs, lyrics, jacket designs, etc. Anything that has to do with the enjoyment of the albums are acceptable. And you don't have to comment on every song if you have nothing to say about them. The only requirement is that there has to be a rating from F to A+, to reflect your overall impression of the album.

No "objectivity" is required. In fact, be subjective. Positive and negative comments are equally welcome. No strings attached.

So, in a nutshell, you can write from anything like "I love track 7" to a comprehensive review covering every single aspect of the album in question. Share your views with us!

If you prefer composing your reviews offline, you can send them to us directly.

Review submission is temporarily suspended.

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