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To join the 'e list for Shirley Kwan suk 'e, you can either send an email with
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Please note that the list is not moderated, and all opinions are welcome. But in order to provide an environment that fosters free exchange of ideas, the owner reserves the right to remove those who use the list for other than its intended purposes (e.g. spamming) or behave in an uncivilized manner (e.g. flaming) from the list.

For those who are not familiar with mailing lists, 'e list works like this. All emails sent to the address "shirley-list@blackops.org" will be forwarded to all who are subscribing 'e list. In effect, it works just like a Usenet newsgroup (e.g. soc.culture.hongkong.entertainment) in which others can read and response to your postings, except that all messages go into your mailbox instead.

All inquiries should be directed to khui@istar.ca.

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