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Please complete the following form to send in your votes. You can vote for one favorite album and up to five favorite songs. Your votes can be recasted at any time, and we will update your selections accordingly.

For identifying albums/songs, a number of formats can be used. We will try our best to "decode" the entries, and would contact you through email if there are any problems. You can identify an album/song by its official English name, literally translated English name, Chinese using BIG-5, {disc number, track number} or by [Cantonese pronounciation].

e.g. To vote for the Cantonese version of the song 難得有情人, you can use "Happy Are Those In Love", "It's Hard to Find True Lover", "難得有情人", "{disc 2, track 5}" or "[Nan Duck Yau Ching Yan]", followed by (Cantonese).

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