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Rebellious Man [叛逆漢子]
Winter Love [冬戀]
Goodbye [再會]
Happy Are Those In Love [難得有情人]
Lovers Under the Stars [星空下的戀人]
The Best Remembered Time [最深刻一次]
Fleeting Stars [劃星]
Hastiness [心急]
Breaking My Thoughts [劃破我思念]
Lost In the Night [夜迷宮]
Black Panther [黑豹]
Willing For Everything [一切也願意]
Till the End of Time [地老天荒]
Dear [親愛的]
Midnight Dash [午夜狂奔]
Love Is Forever [戀一世的愛]
Still Crying [仍流著眼淚]
Buddhist Sound [梵音]
Creating Dreams [製造迷夢]
Love Me Now [現在愛我]
Song of Solitude [一首獨唱的歌]
Fake Love [假的戀愛]
Cuddling Under The Stars [繾綣星光下]
Faded Legend [逝去的傳奇]
Farewell Love Song [告別戀曲]
Forget Him [忘記他]
Dream Partner [夢伴]
Are There Any Real Friends In Life [人生可有知己]
Happy Are Those In Love [難得有情人] (Mandarin)
Confused [亂了]
Talking To Oneself [自言自語]


Shirley Kwan Music Video Karaoke

Fake Love [假的戀愛]
Real Love Fake Talk [真假情話]
Song Of Solitude [一首獨唱的歌]
Lovers Under the Stars [星空下的戀人]
Love Me Now [現在愛我]
Hastiness [心急]
Please Turn Off the Lights When You Go [離開請關燈]
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow [明天你是否依然愛我]
Dream Theatre [夢劇場]
Happy Are Those In Love [難得有情人]
Willing For Everthing [一切也願意]
Lost In the Night [夜迷宮]
Real Love Seen In Hardship [患難建真情]
Creating Dreams [製造迷夢]

Polygram Music Video Karaoke

Heat Beat Wou Bom Ba [熱力節拍 Wou Bom Ba] -- Volume 5, Track A5
Cudding Under the Stars [繾綣星光下] -- Volume 6, Track A2
Faded Legend [逝去的傳奇] -- Volume 7, Track A9
The World Song [為全世界歌唱] -- Volume 8, Track A1
Forget Him [忘記他] -- Volume 8, Track A10


Confused [亂了] -- Very Cool Music Videos, Track A4
Blessed Mary [萬褔馬利亞] -- Go East Karaoke LD
Happy Are Those In Love [難得有情人] (Mandarin) -- Big Stars In Motion (Mandarin), Track A6
Loved You For Too Long -- Super Stars In Motion (Mandarin), Track A11

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