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cover Title:PolyGram 88 Ultimate Fidelity Series - Shirley Kwan
寶麗金 88 極品音色系列 . 關淑怡
Date of Release:August 21, 1996.
Ref.:533 192-2

From Raymond Wong
December 8, 1996.
Rating: A

This is absolutely a extremely good album, NEARLY included all Shirley's best songs in it. Why I say NEARLY, because it don't has the song "When the world has no rose" which I think is also one of the best songs of Shirley. That's also why I don't give a A+ to the disc. The songs I like most in this album is "The performer who lost love" and "See the real love when faced difficulty". In fact, all the songs are the best songs of Shirley and the disc worth $infinity.

From Ignatius Tam
September 27, 1996.
Rating: A+

You may already have all of her albums, but this is the definite must for Shirley fans. Not only the songs selected are the best of hers but also the sound quality has been remastered so the "older" recordings becomes very crisp and sharp. My fav is still Winter Love [冬戀] which is almost 7 years old. Are There Any Real Friends in Life [人生可有知己] and Cuddling Under the Stars [繾綣星光下] are also my love.

From Brian Law
September 17, 1996.
Rating: A+

Not only the song is good, the quality is also a fantasy! IMHO, the best throughout the album are Are There Any Real Friends In Life [人生可有知己] and Lost Love Performer [失戀演奏家].

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