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The following are what others have said about this site.

From MJJ_OG@hotmail.com
February 9, 1998.

Hi Keith & LMK, Can U inform other shirley homepage that your page has changed from HOOKUP to HKstar? Lots of Shirley still don't know your great site 'e space has already re-open.

Our Reply

We will. Thanks for the suggestion.

From janice_fung@hotmail.com
January 1, 1998.

COOL Site. Well Done!!!
Btw, is that possible to add Shirley's songs in midi/ra format?

From Ryugeki
Auguest 15, 1997.

Well guys and gals this site is real committed to Shirley. A tribute to all of u. Shirley must be delighted to know she's got such fans! I don't even think a GOD like Jacky has such a site. This site has plently of info not to be missed for any Shirley supporter! But what about her age?? No site seems to have an answer! But anway keep up your good work!!

From Eric Tsui
August 15, 1997.

Hi Shirley,

This is one of the most colourful web page, well done! we need more of such dedication to our Shirley.

From Chichiri
Auguest 11, 1997.

Maybe you guys are very busy, but I really hope that this site will be updated more frequently.

From Baxter Tan
August 10, 1997.

Excellent place for shirley's fans all over the world. It is very organised. Well done and keep up the good work! Finally, when my comment will come out because I commented once and it didn't come out. What's wrong? Was it because my comment was not interesting??

Our Reply

Of course not. We welcome comments of all sorts. We regret we did not have the time to update the site until now.

From Beetou Chan
August 2, 1997.


From Jo Jo
August 1, 1997.

etter than the one in the Music District. The speed is low slow for the Music District.

From Alison Lau
July 11, 1997.

Good job! It's breathtaking. The background artwork is fabulous; organization is clear and clean. Keep us post and update.

From Baxter Tan
July 1, 1997.

Its nice to see that there's a place where all shirley's fan can gather and share their views as well as to show their support to shirley. Keep up the goodwork!

From Chantel Toh
June 29, 1997.

I think this is the best webpage by shirley fans. I do like the design and the blue colour background very much. It does provide me with the news of shirley as well as opinions of others who love her voice as much as i do.

From Heidi
June 27, 1997.

Frist, Thank you for all people who made this page and upday the information!! Thank you very much!!

Second, I'm not in Hong Kong. I stay in (Australia-Tasmania-Hobart)so not many Shirley news!! So I can look from this page now!!

So great for me to get/know shirley's news.

From Chyene Lim
June 26, 1997.

Great. This will help those of us who wants to know the latest event and news about our favourite singer Shirley,

thanks and best regards.

From On Ki
June 23, 1997.

I like it! Most the time, you guys are using English, and it helps me a lot. (i don't have a chinese system : (.)Hope to see it more update.(after i check in here everyday in the last 2 months.)

From Tweety
June 21, 1997.

Hi there!

Recently, I found out that the update work in this site is pretty slow. I understand that Shirley's doesn't have any news in these years, but still you can keep some info updated like the photos and some people's comments about her. Anything regard to her contract problem and the movie will do.

Thanks for your consideration.

From Andy Chin
June 9, 1997.

This is a cool site.

From Ling
May 29, 1997.

It is very nice/cool!

From Dee Dee
May 27, 1997.

This site is very well organized.

Very cool indeed.

From shirleyfan
May 22, 1997.

Well done.

From Eric Tsui
May 16, 1997.

This is a very sucessful web page!

I hope I can be in contact with Shirley more personally through this media.

From Paul May 6, 1997.

About this site..if you want to make this site more fantastic and more people come here to visit..you better make Shirley site had a midi song in there like others page...people use to like it...now I relised that only got the song list but no song...go for it..keep up your work !!

From Wing-Chung Li
April 26, 1997.

This is a great Shirley Kwan Site, I bookmarked it already.

From Harvey Lott
April 26, 1997.

Very nice.

From c.c.
April 21, 1997.


Our Reply

I'm afraid that would be difficult. We simply do not have the resources to maintain two version of the web site.

From Jensen Tjeng
April 19, 1997.

It has been a great site. But, there is no news about Shirley at all recently...Why is that so?

Our Reply

There are a couple of reasons. First, there hasn't been much news about Shirley lately. And second, we have been pretty busy in the past couple of months, and we could not update the web site as often as we wish. But rest assure that updates will be more regular from this point onwards. Thanks for your support.

From Lorraine(B-head) Chan
April 18, 1997.

This site is fantastic because here shows all facts and the history of Shirley Kwan. However, it can be improved by adding "real audio" songs of Shirley's.

Our Reply

As we have discussed here before, putting the audio files online would be an act of copyright infringement. If we could obtain the permission to do so, we would be glad to include them in 'e space.

From J. U
April 10, 1997.

Looks pretty good, may be need more pictures here.

From Kelvin Luk
April 7, 1997.

May I ask what type of server is it? Speed must be improved in the future.

Our Reply

Right now 'e space is hosted on a local ISP, and we have little control over the network issues. We may move 'e space to a dedicated server in the future for more flexibility.

From Ricky Lam
April 2, 1997.

This site is just great for me as a fans of Shirley!!!!!!

From Elaine Chan
March 20, 1997.

this site is so fabulous, and i can know u guys have put much effort on it. as for a fan of shirley, i really proud of u guys. good job!

From Jimmy Lam
March 19, 1997.

I hope I can have my onw Homepage later! I realy want to show my Shirley Collection to other Shirley Fans. Anyway, I think this site is Good!!!

From John
March 4, 1997.


From Pakin Lee
January 19, 1997.

I think this site provide very thorogh information and history about Shirley. I enjoy viewing it a lot. Thanx!!!

one thing I want to note is that in the trivia section, the "in other albums" column, there should also be another song of Shlrleym which hasn't been published in any of Shirley's own album. That is "talking to oneself" (CHI YIN CHI YU) which appears in two of polgram's collecion complations, "lucky remix sound" (HUNG WON SING) and "Incoming kings and queens" (WONG HAU GA DOU #1).....Hope to see a lot a lot more awesome stuff about Shirley and hope Shirley will soon have new songs and albums coming out! I miss her!!!!!

From Edwin Goh
January 15, 1997.


From Astrid
January 14, 1997.

this site is coooool...

i like it, especially the graphics.

From Tony Quan
January 1, 1997.

This site is one of the best I've ever seen... So much info, so much stuff... Truly kewl! Another great singer is Vivian Chow. If only I could find a site like this one about Vivian... I'd be truly happy.

From Anonymous
December 24, 1996.

Good work.

From Lina
December 20, 1996.

Can see that a lot of effort has been invested into this site. I must commend the high quality of the site (great photos!).

From Kevin Brown
December 18, 1996.

I am very impressed. I never sign guestbooks, but this is a beautiful piece of work.

From daw
December 14, 1996.

I've never seen an extremely good site like this before.

From Will Hong
December 10, 1996.


This site is great. Keep up the good work, I'm very please to see it.

From "Supporting Shirley Till Death
December 1, 1996.

A very fabulous Shirley's site with a lot of her information. Keep up the creativity and the good work in making this homepage much more entertaining.

From WSF
November 29, 1996.

A very good and reliable site concerning of any information regarding of Shirley. Each sections in this site display their own unique features in presenting all kinds of information about Shirley. Again one of the best Shirley's site around the web and it is attractive enough for visitors to pay a visit.

From Julie Wong (My chinese name sounds like Wong Jing - written like the chubby short, male movie director
November 28, 1996.

I can share and share and share and still have room to share some more. I do admire the organization of this site.

I'm not very internet efficient, but with your guidance, I don't have to be. I only hope to find gifts of your words and wisdom upon returning to this site at the next opportunity I have.

The only comments I have is that spell check should be done periodically. There are certain points that are not clearly carried across when misspelled, hence misused and misconceived. I think it would be nice to see 'e space as 'e world or 'e realm. I think it is so much more literary. Just my opinion. Otherwise, your site is very intensely put together. It is more organized than i expected. A+ for art and info. I would love to see more pictures. In an image oriented society, my eyes are hungry for more 'e views.

Thank you for your journey!

From On On
November 14, 1996.

Cool! I love the background blue. Info' is complete. Esp. appreciate the discography and lyrics page. If putting sample os songs in the site, will make the site to super-perfection...

From Kenny Lim
November 10, 1996.

Whoah! Breathtaking...I am totally captivated by this major site. I am pleasantly surprised to be able to find Shirley Kwan on the net. Thanx for doing such a good job.

From On On
November 3, 1996.

i think your site is nearly perfect! there is a lot of info' and i esp. like your effort spent in doing the lyrics and so on. it'd even be better if we can hear some songs of her from the site, but i know it is a very troublesome project... thanx a lot, i reallt enjoy reading this site.

From Benjamin Chiu
November 1, 1996.

That is the most compeletly site about Shirley Kwan I never see before. Information is the latest, Photo is good.

Hang On!

From Faithy
October 27, 1996.

This site is COOOOOL. It's graphically the best out of all the "non business affiliated" websites and the best out of all HK pop stars webs. Most if just filled with pictures and only some album info, but here, it got everything!!! It's great how we are able to exchange out thoughts and let other people read it! Sorta like a bbs set up. Very impressive!!! Keep up the great computer graphics. This is too cool. This site is my idol. (=

From Maggie
October 26, 1996.

Great site for Shirley, I mean the best site for Shirley. I have nothing else to say, because you did such a great job.

From Peggy Chung
October 23, 1996.

You have constructed a very good site. But the disadv. is we need to wait so long, sometimes, too long. As Daisy has visited your site before, she complains to me that your site consumes much time. But anyway, I understand that this is due to the large number of Kwan's picture. For me, I really glad to see the lyric of Kwan. I like her song very much, very TOUCHING.

From Alice, Sandra,and Sophia
October 20, 1996.

Actually this site is really attract people to look at, especially for her super fans, like us!!

We like the concert photos very very much!!

Thanks so much for those efforts!! Pls keep up the good work!!

From Bonnie Yu
October 7, 1996.

Wow! What can I say?! I love this blue background color!

From Karen
October 4, 1996.

The photos shown in the gallery is a bit... Can you display more better quanlity photos??

From Jensen Tjeng
September 29, 1996.

I definitely like this site. Ever since I came here, I couldn't find any news about Chinese singers. With this site, I can know more about my favourite singers, such as Jacky Cheung, Sandy Lam, Shirley Kwan, and many others. Also from this site I learned that Shirley had released a new album. This site is so excellent that I'll definetely visit it very often.

From Ignatius Tam
September 27, 1996.

What a fantastic site!! Very professionally done!! Keep up the great job!!

From Herman Wan
September 26, 1996.

There is so much stuff than last year that I first visited!! Thanx and keep going!!!

From Raymond Leung
September 26, 1996.

A very very good site and pretty arrangement. Keep on.

From Eman Cheung
September 24, 1996.

This is a very successful site and can give all Shirley's fans a place to express their feeling, I enjoy this page very much.

From Vanessa Kam
September 19, 1996.

It's totally fantastic! This is one of the most incredible site in which I had ever been.^_^

From Michelle Lam
September 19, 1996.

I think it can be work on this site more in order to make it more colourful and attractive.

From mimi
September 10, 1996.

I have bookmarked the NEWS UPDATE page of this site, and I read it about once a week. However, I just discovered what I had missed - SHIRLEY'S MESSAGE!!! From now on, I think I have to bookmark the WELCOME PAGE, and visit all sections regularly!

Shirley is so sweet. She must be very proud of you guys who maintain such a nice and comprehensive page for her. Please keep up the good effort! This page is nice enough to go commercial... just kiddinnnggg! Don't even think about it :)

Our Reply

We make assorted additions and updates to 'e space from time to time. So be sure to take a browse around from time to time.

Don't worry, we've no plans to take 'e space commercial, or even bother you with an advertisement banner tucked at the top of the pages. It'll remain 100% Shirley-oriented.

From Mark Brisbourne
September 3, 1996.

Just what I needed! Where else could I find this information from the other side of the world. I especially like the News. There is no other way I could find out about Shirley Kwan's concerts in Hong Kong that I would travel to go and see. Great stuff, keep it up!

From Kevin
September 3, 1996.


Thanks for your devoted effort.

Please update more frequently!
(if you have the time)

Add more photos and may you add some multi-media content? (e.g., background music and preferably, video clips. But I know that may involve copyright reasons.)

Forget it,your work is already excellent!

From Cherry Lee
September 2, 1996.

Photo image is so small.

From Mandy Ma
August 31, 1996.

Great! You 've done a great job. I can not only read Shirley's latest news, but also find many Shirley's fans and we can share our comments and opinions. The pictures are great, too. Keep it up!

From Alex Chan
August 30, 1996.

Please update more Shirley's picture and news to make this site perfect.

All the best!

From Kelvin, Shirley's Singapore Fan
August 26, 1996.

To Shirley,

This site is a very comprehensive site, updating the information very oftenly and a lot of Shirley's photos.

From Jacky Wong
August 24, 1996.

Do you have more photos of Shirley?

Our Reply

More photos are always coming online. Check the Gallery from time to time.

From Joe
August 20, 1996.

Hi! I hope that they will make more photos about shirley. Thank you!

From Dabadiel Ken
August 11, 1996.

Great and very informative!

From Brian Ng
August 8, 1996.

Very well done, although a bit slow at times.

From Yvette
August 7, 1996.

A totally cool site about a warm-hearted singer.

From Yung Luu
August 3, 1996.

I think this site is great!!!!!! Very informing.

From Felix Wong
July 29, 1996.

This site is great, but does Shirley knows it exists. I think it would be really nice if she can communicate with her overseas fans through this site. This site has some great graphics and organization, and most prescious of all, it is not biase. I love e' space!!!

From "Shirley's die-hard fan Albert
July 23, 1996.

This site is really coooooooool, esp, most of the information are in English. U know, I'm not in HK, so this web site can bring me a lot of latest info & news about Shirley. Besides, since the site used mostly English, so that it wouldn't end up with thousands of symbols like other site which used Chinese. This site is really international class! I would like to know that whether this web site is an official one or just organised by Shirley's fans? Some of the photos are great and I'll like to see some more. (I know I'm a bit greedy but I think most Shirley's fans will also want that!) Great, great site!!

From Jonathan Wong
July 20, 1996.

This site is one of the few great web sites which features stars and singers from Hong Kong. I'm glad to see such an orgranized site and high quality images as well. Guys, keep up your great work! (I think you guys really know how to make web sites shine!... but remember, don't ever screw up such great site...) :D

From Ling Ling
July 20, 1996.

This is a good place to find out how Shirley's fans love her and some of them do give her good comments and suggestions.

From Jet Lung
July 19, 1996.


From Flora Lai
July 19, 1996.

I can find many records, songs and information about Shirley. It's very good. And you did this very excellent.Keep it up.

From Triv
July 18, 1996.

Great graphics.

From Perry
July 18, 1996.

"Best suite in WWW".

From bb
July 14, 1996.

One of the best sites for a Hong Kong singer!!

From Stanley Lam
July 13, 1996.

The site is excellent but not perfect. If we can down load her song (in .wav format), it will be perfect.

From Bond Leung
July 13, 1996.

I am very happy when I know there is a site about Shirley. After I have entered this site, I am amazed that there is so many people support Shirley. And I just want to say THANK YOU to those who create this site. This site is perfect.

From Denise Hou
July 12, 1996.

It's really great to know that there's such a great site of Shirley.

From Paul Tsang
July 9, 1996.

Great effort, I love what you've done with the place.

From Jeff Lam
July 8, 1996.

I have visited before and after sometime, it is still a great site. Good job! Keep going and don't let all the Shirley's fans just like you and me and other people disappointed. All Shirley's fans and Shirley will be proud of it!

From William Lau
July 7, 1996.

I love Shirley,I love this site! :-)

From Kevin Kwek
July 7, 1996.

Entertaining & Informative.

From Maggie Nguyen
July 4, 1996.

Great site with great data about Shirley. I got to know her more, keep up the good work.

From Anonymous
July 4, 1996.

I think it needs more pictures!

Our Reply

There're already more than 150 pictures in the Gallery, and of course, even more will come online.

From Hao Le
July 3, 1996.

Great site!

From Oscar Chong
July 1, 1996.

This is one of the places that all the Shirley's fans can communicate and show our support to her!

From Rick Eymer
June 27, 1996.

I'm just so damn glad there's information available on Shirley somewhere on the internet. Keep it up.

From John Hsu
June 26, 1996.

Awesome site.

From Vanessa Li
June 23, 1996.

Maybe one could have news letters or something sent to people who want it as promotion or something and get like an E-mail mailing list going??

But this is a very good idea, haveing this site!!!

Our Reply

We're in the midst of setting up a mailing list now. Further information will be available when it's ready.

From Shirley Soh
June 17, 1996.

It's great!

From gchoi@global.co.za
June 15, 1996.

This site is really great! Especially the sections which consists of lists of Shirley's albums and her latest news. Also, all the fans can share their thoughts about both Shirley and her albums. Even as a fan in South Africa like me, I can be able to obtain news about Shirley from here. However, one thing I don't like about this site is that the red and blue colour contrast.

From F. L. Lee
June 12, 1996.

I have only visited this site for the first time, but I can tell you this: the site is absolutely fabulous! It contains all the info you could wish for and with nice pic's!!!!

I hope that this site is here to stay!!

From C. K. S.
June 6, 1996.

Thanks a lot to this site. It gives me a very good opportunity to express my opinion to Shirley. And give a special thanks to the site "maker". You are really (a) kind person/people. Thank you!

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