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The following are what others have said about Shirley.

From MJJ_OG@hotmail.com
February 9, 1998.

Only 1 word I can say about shirley ===> GREAT!!!!

From dorathea@mail.chatsubo.ne
December 16, 1997.

Dearest Shirley,
So happy that we can listen to your voice in Chi Chung's choice!!!!We love u always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From okca@hotmail.co
December 15, 1997.

hey shirley, I think u should cry like us after reading all these comments!!so, when will be ur new album?

From a-dor
September 29, 1997.

I miss Shirley so much!!! Shirley is the best singer in the world.

From Tony Yap
August 20, 1997.

You are speicial to all your fans who miss you so much.

From Ryugeki
Auguest 15, 1997.

One day i decided to purchase an album with great songs sang by a singer with a unique voice and image and hopefully with a low profile and not supported by many and i found Shirley's album leaving untouched on the shelf of HMV S'pore. Just $16 for 16 tracks!That's a real treasure! But one can imagine the state of her popularity in S'pore. I think she's virtually unknown. I'm not even sure whether she's being here before! Media coverage of her in S'pore is almost nil! I'm a supporter of Jacky Cheung because he possess the kind of 'feeling' deep from his voice and i know Shirley does possess this type of unique qualities. But frankly speaking her pronunciation isn't to perfect. Maybe because of her fading ,smoothing ,husky voice. But that's what makes her stands tall! Another thing to add is that in 'Lei Hiong Kum' she seems to be struggling with keys that she purposely wanted to make high! I'm a new "observator" of Shirley though having heard about her since 1990 or so. To me she's a singer with a different blend of technique and packaging from the others. That's what she stands out. Her voice is so special that within seconds one candifferentiate with ease. Some of her songs might seem 'rowdy' ,noisy or a joke perhaps at first but after constant patience with them one would appreciate very much. Normally real good songs are like that and one perhaps would never forget them for around 10yrs or so. Songs like love letters by jacky may sound great at first but sure to fade as time goes. Some more her songs are not copycats (not say translations) like Sammi's(but she sings well). They are more original than any others. Shirley's got style man, way cool though some are taken aback especially the BALDY and DIAMOND LIPS image. I was so fanatic over the first Shirley CD that i bought that i told almost everybody and persuade nearly all of my friends to try her songs!Some of them (mostly jacky fans) are real convinced while some are disgusted by her "PITY" MTV with diamonds all over her lips.Well it's he song and skills that counts i argued.

Determined to know more about her especially why she has got such a low profile i came upon this faithful site and got to know what i wanted (except her age??).. Her friendship with media, contract woes with Polygram are causing problems and she doesn't seem to have anyone supporting or advising her. Neither she seems to know what to do. I personally thinks that she should quickly renew her contract with Polygram as it's one of the best companies in the region and some more with the likes of Jacky, Leon(am i right?)... It seems to me that this company is really into good music and to revive her career such essence is beyond doubt a must. Though just a mere 'observator', i truthfully Shirley can produce more good songs she capable of and not to hear her abrupt retirement from the scene. PLS DUN'T!

I'll definitely be waiting for your news and album!May all good luck be with you!

Be strong shirley! Time for you to emerge from way deep and get what you deserves...... Do it for music, do it for your dreams, do it for the faithful fans.....

Remember :if not u ,who? If not now, when?

From Eric Tsui
August 15, 1997.

Hi Shirley,

I wish you a very happy birthday, I wish i could send you flowers. Have fun and take care of yourself. Remember there are a lots of fans out there to support you. I saw a picture of you behind a birthday cake, you look absolutely the most beautiful and lovely. You have the most magnetic vocal i have ever heard and so much control on your voice! Your background back up by yourself to your songs are again with the most magnificent skill.

Eric Tsui

From Akina
August 15, 1997.

Happy birthday Shirley! Wish you well!

From Chun Man
August 15, 1997.

Always love you!!!

From Timothy Chau
August 15, 1997.

I love Shirley Since her first album. I KNOW, her VOICE must comes from the heaven. No one can compere with you. No one can take you away from my heart. You are a part of me, a part of every Shirley s'fans live!I know you will never make us feel disappointed. Every Shirley s'fans are missing you.

Yesterday is your birthday,give all best wishes to you!

From Chichiri
Auguest 11, 1997.

Hi everybody!

I just come back from HK. Does anyone know what is she doing lately? I really miss her. Anyway, if Shirley have a chance to see this message, remember don't give up. I know that there are a lot of fans waiting for you. And also, try to assure yourself that there will be a lighted path leading to you in a very near future.

Wish you all the best and good luck! Keep smile always!

Chichiri (your forever fan)

From Baxter Tan
August 18, 1997.

8 Years. Thats how long I've been supporting you and many more years to come or i shall say forever you are my favourite singer. When is your new album coming out? I'm dying for it. Take care!

From Keith
August 5, 1997.

Shirley, when will you sing for us again? I miss you so much. That's enough. We all wait for you for a long time.

From Beetou Chan
August 2, 1997.

Shirley is the best among all Hong Kong female singers. Her voice is so delicate yet very lively. Hope she will release another true NEW album as soon as possible. Shirley Kwan Forever!!!

From Jo Jo
August 1, 1997.

You are the best singer in HK.

From On Ki
July 26, 1997.

It is going to be hard on us. We are still waiting and waiting. ( yes, with those long necks.) Any way shirley does worth our time, doesn't she? : ) I like this space alot,it shows that I am not the only one who is too crazy on Shirley . : )

From Kwan
July 12, 1997.

Dear everyone,

I am really very surprised as there are still so many people supporting Shirley. I am totally agree with others that Shirley only lacks luck. She can have greater acheivement than as now. Shirley: Please don't give up. Please trust yourself, YOU CAN DO BETTER!

From Baxter Tan
July 1, 1997.

I don't know why but the first time i heard your voice back in 1989 i totally fell in love with you. Since then i've bought each and everyone of your album and honestly i enjoy all of them. Your new album "sam ling siong tung" is great especially the song "dancing in the cloud". How's your negotiation with the new company? Hope you can find a better company because all these years polygram has not done enough to promote your music. You truly deserve better support than what you had or have now. One final question, when you'll have a concert in malaysia? We are dying for it...

From Chantel Toh
June 29, 1997.

Total coolness, brilliant voice, though have me waiting too long for a completely new album.

From CM
June 28, 1997.

i am a big fan of shirley. i like her since i was 7, and now i am 15 years old. i think shirley is the best performer on the stage. but too bad, i missed her concert because i am not living in Hong Kong. shirley miss you miss you miss you!!!

From Dorothea Liu
June 28, 1997.

Kwan Suk 'E- my all time favourit idol!

I think she is the best female singer in Hong Kong!

Waiting for her to come back, waiting for her newest album!

From Heidi
June 27, 1997.

I like her about hear the song "winter love". But I so worry her health. I want to say to her Please Don't Smoke!!! I don't want anyone fans lost you! I just don't like her smoke. I very love her singing. This page have write down shirley's birth year. But i know what her age!! Shirley will in my heart forever!!!

      /\_/ \
     (      )
          V----- I'm here!!!

From Ling Ling
June 24, 1997.

just wanted to say that no matter what shirley decides to do with her career, her fans will always support her. we all love you shirley !

From Toh Xin Hui
June 24, 1997.

Just hope u folks can publish on ur wonderful webpage my comments of the ever stunning shirley:" just hope to tell u i'll love u always and ur singing has really touched me in many ways though i don't understand a word of cantonese. Been waiting very long, hunting every now and then in cd shops for ur new album. When is it coming out????"

singapore fan,

From Tweety
June 21, 1997.

Hi there!

Before the final exam, I was looking forward to the trip of HK cuz' I think I can have a chance to know more about her. However, in reality, it's not this case. Although there are a lot of functions are held for the handover of HK, Shirley will not going to participate in any one of these. I'm really afraid most of the people will forget her.

Personally, I really hope that she can settle her contract problem as soon as possible cuz' she has wasted too much time on this matter which I think it's not that worthwhile. I understand a suitable record company for her is very important cuz' she can concentrate in the production of her songs rather than wasting too much time and money in promotion. However, right now it's pretty bad for her that she didn't release any new albums in recent years. Maybe somebody will argue that she did release some albums recently, but what I mean is the album that contains all ten new songs. I think that's what I need.

Anyway, I will support her forever cuz' she is the best singer that I know. Wish her have a successful and rewarding career.

Please don't give up, Shirley.


From Skcko
June 14, 1997.

Though I'm a fan of Sammi Cheng, I really think Shirley's voice is the best among all female singers in Hong Kong. All Shirley lacks is luck. Although Shirley is not the top female singer in Hong Kong at this moment, she must be reminded that she really has many supporters, who really use their ears to listen to her songs and their hearts to experience her voice...... Waiting for Shirley's new album(really new, but not some kind of old+new songs album)....

From Andy Chin
June 9, 1997.

She is a GREAT singer!!!

From On Ki
June 4, 1997.

I miss you so much! Hey, when is the new album? Like other, can't wait!!!! Always Love You!!!!

From Ling
May 29, 1997.

I think that Shirley has an extremely beautiful voice.

From Dee Dee
May 27, 1997.

Shirley is a very talented woman of the nineties.

She exudes confidence and pride and consideration.

She is a role model for all of her fans.

From shirleyfan
May 22, 1997.

She had a sexy voice.

From Eric Tsui
May 16, 1997.

What can I say, Shirley is beautiful, tender, very feminine, her vocal is the best I have ever hear, I am in love with her songs.

I think she should sing more jazz/rock and roll type of songs.

From Wing-Chung Li
April 26, 1997.

Last week, I finally had to chance to see Shirley's 1996 Hung Hum Concert. It was great. She defintely has a great voice and I liked the show as well.

Thank you Shirley, you are the best.

From Harvey Lott
April 26, 1997.

Very nice.

From Jensen Tjeng
April 19, 1997.

Shirley is a fabulous female singer. I think that life has been pretty unfair to her. She is as good as Sally, Sandy, and Faye. However, she doesn't get as much attention as the others receive. She deserves a much better achievement, don't you think so? Hopefully, she will be back to gain her popularity. By the way, she just released her latest album. I can't wait to have it although there are also some old songs in there. Please come back, Shirley!! Sing for us.

From Lorraine(B-head) Chan
April 18, 1997.

Although Shirley seems very cool by looking at her appearance, in fact, she is one of the "warmest heart" people in the world, noticing that from the way she talks and behave. Shirley is also a special singer among the Hong Kong stars just because she is very talented in singing and and a very "gum sing" actress.

From J. U
April 10, 1997.

well... When is her next new CD coming up. I mean new songs!!!

From Kelvin Luk
April 7, 1997.

I've sent a parcel and letters to Shirley. Although she didn't reply me yet, but I wish to see her new album immediately.

From Ricky Lam
April 2, 1997.

She is the best singer in the world. She is my favourite female singer.

But may I ask why there isn't much album comes out?

From Elaine Chan
March 20, 1997.
we love u always, shirley!!!
no matter what is ur decision, we will support u forever.
'music is the thing that make u to be successful
 music is the thing that make us have a chance to admire u
 although u even don't know who r we
 that's not the point
 the point is 
 u r the best singer in our heart!'

we will support u anytime, anywhere!!

From Elaine Chan
March 20, 1997.

i am shirley's fan for 6 years, her on stage performance is so impressive. but these few days, she has disappeared, i really miss her. i am from vancouver, and i heard some new songs from her on the radio boardcast (duet with Chan Kei), it's pretty good, hope the new album can be released as soon as possible.

From Jimmy Lam
March 19, 1997.

Shirley is the best female singer in HK. I'm waiting for her new moive and new ablum! Please, Herry-up!!

From John
March 4, 1997.

Shirley 好掛住你,近來在電台聽到妳的新歌,好聽I,究竟寶麗金幾時推出妳的新大碟,等妳的快要發瘋了

From kana3ksm@a3ksm.demon.co.uk
February 23, 1997.

Very good and lovely.

From Joanne
January 17, 1997.

Hello everybody:

Of course Shirley is my favourite singer. I just want to tell everybody that in last summer, I working in Stanly market for summer job. One day, I saw Shirley went into my shop and bought something! I was so surprised that I can met her in Stanly. And Shirley is so nice and friendly that I can't imgine! I support Shirley forever!

From Edwin Goh
January 15, 1997.

Happy New Year Shirley, hope everything ends well for you.

From Astrid
January 14, 1997.

hi i'm long'g 2 c your performance in the film directed by Wong Ka Wai.

From Tony Quan
January 1, 1997.

I've only heard a few of Shirley's songs because up here in Canada we're pretty deprived... But I can tell from those few that Shirley is totally kewl... Especially when I saw that video where she has diamonds all over her lips, and she has grey eyes... I forget the name of that song... But Shirley is awesome!

From Anonymous
December 25, 1996.

Merry Christmas to Shirley Kwan.

From Michelle Wong
December 25, 1996.

she is good I like her songs!

From phan ngoc dung
December 24, 1996.

merry christmas and happy new year everyone.

let's all hope the new year will bring quickly shirley's new album too.

enjoy the holidays.

From Anonymous
December 24, 1996.

She is a great singer.

From Anonymous
December 24, 1996.

She is a unique singer.

From Tommy Cheung
December 24, 1996.

I can never imagine Shirley has so many fans. Before that, I was just thinking will Shirley have a 'place' in the 'Net. Anyway, My favorite song sung by her is Buddhist Voice. And Shirley, it seems to me that you have said you want to sing a song that have no lyrics. Isn't it? That's a great idea. I recommend you should listen to the works of a India singer. (I think she is a India singer in British, She was formally in the band Monsoon.) She is Sheila (sorry, I forget her last name.) Her style is a bit religious, yet just exactly like the style of Buddhist Voice and she has some songs that has no lyrics, or only one sentences of lyrics and sing through the whole song. Probably some people have heard about her. Finally, I have a frank suggestion for Shirley is that Shirley's make up should not be too strong, cause she's a beat slim, so too strong make up will create a more thinner impresson, expecially the 'nose-shadow'.

From Lina
December 22, 1996.

I was quite surprised to see that she bothered to send in a few lines of greetings. It really goes to show that she is a star who has no airs about her. It is a wise choice to choose her for an idol! Of course, I must add that her songs are simply 'delicious'!!!

From Raymond Yeung
December 19, 1996.

Dear everybody of 'e space,

I'm a great fan of Shirley. I've been to her concerts(1st and last) and I think they are great. She the one and only singer who really touches my heart. Though I also think Faye Wong and Sandy Lam is good at singing, they are nothing compare with Shirley. Recently, I noticed some singers from countries other than Hong Kong. Do any of you guys like any singers from other countries? I brought a Sheryl Crow album lately(Tuesday Night Music Club), since Shirley hasn't had a new album yet. It is very good. And I also think Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton and Celine Dion are great singers, too. I think although Shirley is so very very good, but we cannot deny the talents of others. And we've got to learn how to appreciate music. Since Shirley is not getting a album, I strongly recommend to you the new album Secrets of Toni Braxton. She sings good. Although I start to like(or should I use appreciate) other-country-singer, I do think that Shirley is the best singer of the whole world!!

I'm so looking forward to seeing the new album of Shirley.

Best Wishes!

From Frederick Au
December 15, 1996.

Hey, keep up the GOOD work, and all of us are waiting for Shirley's new album, right? :)

From daw
December 14, 1996.

I like her songs & style.

From Will Hong
December 10, 1996.


I am a big big fan of you. Your voice is just totaly amazing, it fits perfect with all your layrics and your style. Keep up the amazing job. Oh by the way have a jolly Christmas and a happy new year.

From "Supporting & Loving Shirley Till Death"
December 1, 1996.

Even though I am not a citizen of Hong Kong (in fact a Malaysian Chinese), shirley is my best female singer in Asia and she is everything in my heart. I hope I was a great music composer so that I can compose and arrange a lot of good songs for her (she really has the abilities and skills to sing good songs). Although this year she is facing a lot of difficulties and problems in her career, I'll know that she will have the confident to overcome with them. I'll pray for her that someday she will be honored the most respectful and always the no.1 female singer in Hong Kong. It makes me feel so dissappointed and sad each year when Shirley could not happen to be the top female singer in HK instead of singer like Chang Sau Mun, Vivian Chow, Amanda Lee, etc (they just don't have those qualities to sing as good as Shirley - Oh! no personal offend to them and their fans but just the truth). By the way zillions and billions of congratulations to Shirley for receiving the second place as the most popular female singer in the chik chak award ceremony.

From WSF
November 29, 1996.

A marvellous and superb singer with excellent singing skills. She can be a good partner in making duet songs with any singers especially Hacken Lee and Sandy Lam (they have one thing in common - the quality of their skills to sing good songs). Her status of popularity as a female singer in HK should reached the first or second rank after the retirement of some singers like Anita Mui, Sally Yeh, Paula Tsui, Jenny Yan Lei, and Yip Lei Yee.

From Julie Wong (My chinese name sounds like Wong Jing - written like the chubby short, male movie director
November 28, 1996.

Shirley is Love,
a brilliance beyond my comprehension.
Her voice kisses my senses with a petal softness
that only she can deliver.
Inspires my soul for nearing her perfection.
Am I an adorer of 'e?
An idol for mine eyes that draws her face
across the lighted path of my realm?
She stands alone,
on her quest for peace.
I sit,
patiently, heavy-hearted though I am,
patiently, for fear of missing her too much.
I wait,
for her gentle art that sweeps off my shiny glistening tears.
She is here.
I hear her lips part those precious words,
that dances only for me.
She is again with love, in the company of her friends.
I kneel down in elation
over her speed in sending
these songs that feed my soul.

From On On
November 14, 1996.

Let's put it simple: she has a special way of touching my heart. I adore her.

From Kenny Lim
November 10, 1996.

Shirley--the one with the ethereal and sensuously quivering voice?
Shirley--the one with the chiselled and ruddy face?
Shirley--the one that is cooler than cool and is hipness personified.
Shirley--the dancing diva?
Surely Shirley to me is pure quality and excellence rolled into one. Her very alternative and unique blend of music is very original and very Shirley Kwan. It is extremely heart-wrenching, however that Shirley the diva of cantopop is still not the top in the colony. To me, she is a special performer that is sadly under-appreciated. Her powerful and moving musical interpretations can be matched by few other female divas. Her musical direction and heavenly airy vocals surpasses( to me) even that of the likes of Faye Wong, Amanda Lee and Sammi Cheng. Shirley is a superb performer in every sense of the word, who somehow reminds one of Sandy Lam.

From On On
November 3, 1996.

dear faithy (& everyone),

i have read your message and i agree w/ you that the duet w/ vivian chow "nam yun sim (man's heart)" is one of kwan suk'e's best work. she cld really express the frustrations and despair of a "third party". yes, shirley sang the harder part in the song and sang better than viv. this only exacerbates how poorly viv. sings...

btw, does anyone get any news when a new kwan suk'e album will be out. i have been waiting for so long now, i think i'd become a giraffe in no time!

shirley forever,
on on
(nov 3, 96)

From Faithy
October 27, 1996.

She's fab-u-lous...she'll be even better if she wouldn't have that long interval between her albums...ahhhh I'm dying of waiting for too long!! (*=

Some of you may not know this, but one of my fav Shirley songs is in Vivian Chow's "A little bit more love" album (Dhor yut dim dic luen oi) and the song is called "Nam Yun Sum"- A Man's Heart. This is a duet with Vivian and it's SO GOOD. I think it emphasize Shirley's great ability in singing super soft background vocals. It's really relaxing. But don't think that Vivian took over the song! Shirley sung the harder parts!!!!!

You should check this one out, that album of Viv is great too! (But I'm no traitor!) (=

From Maggie
October 26, 1996.

She's a very good singer. I really like her warm voice, and also sometime she sings with a sound like birds chirping, really cute. Her image is always different with other singers. I think sooner, she will be the top singer in Hong Kong, but only need a little bit more improvement.

Good luck to Shirley in her career and her personal life, wish that it will always be the best.

From Peggy Chung
October 23, 1996.

It's me, Peggy. I agree with you, the song of Kwan is great as well as her singing skill. Why she seems to be disappear in HK in recent years???

From Alice, Sandra,and Sophia
October 20, 1996.

We love Shirley very muuuuccchhhh!!!!!

Shirley, we love you and support forever!!!!!

You are absolutely pretty and unique

We love you forever and ever!!!!!!!!! (100%)

From Bonnie Yu
October 7, 1996.

Dear Shirley,

You are definitely the coolest of all the female vocalists in Hong Kong. There are people who sing better than you; there are people who sing worse than you; BUT nobody sings the way you do. 'Cause nobody has that sexy, subtle, yet strong voice of yours. Keep up the good work!

Love you
Bonnie Yu (L.A.)

From Ching Man Wai
October 4, 1996.

Shirley Kwan is a good singer, she is a very nice. I'm really like her song, especially her concert in Hong Kong. it was very good.

From Githa Kwong
October 3, 1996.

Oh! My dearest Shirley, where are you? I am hunger for your new album and also your news! Please come back to me!

From Jensen Tjeng
September 29, 1996.

I think that Shirley is a very great singer. Her voice is so good. I like her vocal very much. I began to collect her albums after I listened to her Cantonese song "Nan Tat Yau Cheng Yan". I like all her albums, and currently I'm looking for her latest one. I think that in vocal, Shirley makes a perfect match with Hacken Lee. I like to listen to their duet songs.

From Ignatius Tam
September 27, 1996.

OOOhhh... you're finally BACK! Please... I want you new songs badly :)

From Phan Dung
September 26, 1996.

I too am waiting for the longest time ever. Please come back to us.

I bought her recent compilation,but after hearing it, I feel some were resung. It doesn't sound the same. Am I the only one hearing the slight difference in the tone of her voice? Or it just me? Somehow it is alightly more moody and less energetic. I can't help but think that e' is tired of waiting too.

From Herman Wan
September 26, 1996.

Shirley, I love your style, songs, and voice so much. However, when I can hear your new album? When I can see your live concert in LA, California?

From Raymond Leung
September 26, 1996.

I love her songs so much, especitally the slow rocks!

From Eman Cheung
September 24, 1996.

Shirley is my ONLY favourite female singer in Hong Kong. Since her 95'concert, Shirley very seldom performed in the public, we hope that to see Shirley on the stage very soon.

From Law Che Ming
September 21, 1996.

Dear Shirley,

Love you forever. Long for your news and album.

From Vanessa Kam
September 19, 1996.

She is my all-time favourite idol, and I'm looking forward to hearing more about her.

From Michelle Lam
September 19, 1996.

I like Shirley so much. She sings very well which makes her songs alive. Besides, her image is very fashionable that makes her very pretty. I hope she will have a new album very soon.

From Veronica
September 13, 1996.

I love Shirley very much. Where are you now? And when is your album come? I has waiting for a long time. The greatest singer in Hong Kong. A perfect entertainer in Asia.

From mimi
September 10, 1996.

Regarding John's comment, dated 18 Aug 96, I cannot agree more - I NEED SHIRLEY'S NEW ALBUM WITH NEW SONGS RIGHT NOW!

I've waited for so long. However, her "new" album, again, is a compliation of her old songs. The only difference is that they are remixed by using the Denon 20-bit technology.

My very sweet and understanding boyfriend has bought it for me in HK and it's on its way to Melbourne. (It works out much cheaper.)

Although I have all the songs in the album, I am still looking forward to receiving it.

I just hope that my hi-fi, speakers and my ears can pick up the "Denon 20-bit" difference.

I miss her so so much.

From Mark Brisbourne
September 3, 1996.

I'm surprised your albums aren't more popular with White, English-Speaking (only), 28 year-old Calgarians (Canada). Surely I'm not the only one who to-and-from the office can be heard with your best songs blaring out the window of a sports car. I can't understand the lyrics or speak Cantonese (I struggle with Mandarin), but I have listened to some of your best songs so many times that I can practically sing them by heart; my girlfriend says she can understand almost every word I sing, she's afraid I'm becoming more Chinese than she is. I enjoy listening to your music more than any of the Western hits. I just have got to see you in Concert!

From Kevin
September 3, 1996.

We all long for your touch.
Where are you when we need you?
Please come back to us.
(We know that it is not your fault, it's PolyGram's!!!)
From Cherry Lee
September 2, 1996.

Great and professional singer. Model style image.

From Mendy Ma
August 31, 1996.

I am glad to see that there're many Shirley's fans who support her always and share the same view with me. Her uniqueness is really captivating. Too bad she's not the most popular female singer in Hong Kong, but surely she's the best in my heart. She is an attractive singer who really knows how to sing and perform. Last year, she got the most popular female singer silver award. This year, she's going through her 'tough time' again--no new albums, contract problem, poor relationship with the press... Sometimes I really feel sad about it. A singer that sings well does not get "everybody's agreement". But I think if you and me think that she's the best that's enough. She may not be able to get the most popular female singer award this year since this kind of award is given to someone who is a 'commercial' singer, like Amanda and Sammi. But if you and me think that she sings well and agree that she's the best, I think that will be enough. Award is just a title, our support is most important.

From Alex Chan
August 30, 1996.

Hi, Shirley, I'm Alex from Vancouver. You are my one and only one favorite singer and I think you should gain more weight in that case you'll look more charming. Keep up with your work! You've done a good job! My friends and I will support you forever!

From Kelvin, Shirley's Singapore Fan
August 26, 1996.

To Shirley,

You are a great female singer of all time, I began to listen to your song since the first album. I went to your concert in hong kong and very happy about your performance. My only wish from you is that you can arrange for to trip to Singapore to visit your very faithful supportors.

From Jacky Wong
August 24, 1996.

Her song is very good.

From Joe
August 20, 1996.

I love your songs very much.

From Piggy
August 19, 1996.

I love shirley very much because she is pretty, nice and has a great voice. I started listening to her music when she first came out. She is the best female singer in hong kong. I hope that she may apply for more concert. I am dying for her new album!!!!!

From John
August 18, 1996.

I very very very need her a new album now.

From Herbert Yau
August 11, 1996.

Shirley 給我們的印象和感覺已經有很多很多支持她的人在這談論過, Shirley 的歌是大眾公認的, 非常出色, 不論是技巧或是感情的舒發, 總給人很touch, 很不同的感覺。或許是真的Shirley不是最最受歡迎的歌手, 但無疑是最Top的。不知道其他人的意見如何,但我不會太介意Shirley在別人眼中是否最popular, 只要在自己心中是 No. 1 己經足夠。Shirley擁有一些其他歌手所欠缺的, 我相信是才華和氣質的分別, 使Shirley和一般的女歌手有所不同。8月15日是Shirley的Birthday, 這數月來相信Shirley也是在煩惱和壓力中渡過吧, contract的問題, 新碟的問題等等。其實支持妳的人也是跟妳一樣煩惱呀!!而一直一直沒有新的消息就更叫人擔心了。Anyway, 希望Shirley能直著今次的生日, 使一切都有一個新開始。

TO Shirley:


生 日 快 樂!!

From Dabadiel Ken
August 11, 1996.

From Brian Ng
August 8, 1996.

Ever since I moved to Canada my taste in music has evolved (or improved...) and there are very few HK pop singers are worth listening to. Shirley is one of them. The way she sings is just unique. I never knew there are so many Shirley's fans out there till now. Cool!!

From Yvette
August 7, 1996.

I didn't like 'e at all when I first saw her. In fact, I am still not a big fan of her now either, yet I still think that she is definitely one of the best female singers in Hong Kong. It is definitely her character that most attracts me. She is not willing to socialize and has always been herself from the very beginning. May be it's because of this character of not compromising that makes her to be unable to become the top female singer.

From NR
August 6, 1996.

'e really needs a new album now !!!!!!!!!

Really liked her new song Forget He Is Her. This song is really cool & unique, perhaps is her best song so far.

All your fans are waiting Shirley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Tai
August 5, 1996.

Dear Shirley,

I'm a Faye's fan. Actually, I appreciate you and Faye very much as you two are the top local female singers, as regard to singing skill. I've been curious about you and Faye as there are so many similarities between you and Faye. Character, style of singing, behaviour and relationship with the press media are the common features of you and Faye. I hope you won't mind even if I'm not your real fan. Meanwhile, I just want to ask you some questions. Would you please answer me? Do you think Cass's singing skill is better than Faye? What do you think about Faye's singing skill and her music(recent album)? Do you think Faye's career may decline?

The reason why I ask you these because I think you're a person who really know what is singing and music. Also, I really appreciate your talent. I wish you would give me answer.

Finally, I hope you will be more popular in the future and more people aware of your real talent in singing. I also hope the idol trend may decline and there can be more chances for real singers, like you Shirley, to develop singing career.


From Yung Luu
August 3, 1996.

I think that Shirley's a very different than everyone else. Her voice is very soothing to the ear, but I'd have to say that i really enjoy watching her on video tape. Her sense of style is captivating.

From Jo
August 1, 1996.

She is definitely the greatest female artist in Hong Kong and I love her that's for sure! I always doubt why her opportunities of exposing her talents are so limited? Could it be her image that impact her career? Well, I don't know, maybe producers in Hong Kong favors 'pretty' faces like Vivian Chow who does not even know what the word 'singing' means. Anyways, I hope I can listen to more of her songs in the future and I will always be supporting her.

From Tai
July 31, 1996.

All shirley fans, do you feel that there are many similar things between shirley and Faye? They came in showbiz at the same period. Their characters are both rather self-centred, silent, quite cool. As respect to their singing style, they also exhibited a mysterious style. Meanwhile, they also disappeared recently without any clue. Their relationship with the press media are also bad! I don't imply anything but these are just my feeling. Personally speaking, Faye and Shirley may soon fade in this showbiz as the press media will not forgive them and their'degree of exposure' are too low. I think Cass will be the pop Queen soon as she is good at defeating her emenies while they are not ready. I hope these words will not make Shirley fans angry, these are just my prediction. Actually I am a Faye's fan, but I also appreciate Shirley's singing skill. I am just very interested in their characters and behaviour, so go to this page to know more about Shirley. One thing I am sure, Faye and Shirley are the most special, or peculiar singers in H.K showbiz.

From Felix Wong
July 29, 1996.

I love you Shirley and I am tired of waiting right now. I need a brand new Shirley Kwan album NOW!!! No more compilation albums!!! I am not sure what Shirley is doing right now, taking a rest? Or still negotiating for deals with recording companies? I really don't care which company she goes to, because with her talent, she is going to be great with any company that support her and Polygram is certainly not one!!! I think a lot of people misunderstood Shirley. Shirley doesn't have an desire to become the most POPULAR Hong Kong singer/musician, she wants to be the BEST!!! POPULARITY is only a word suitable for Vivian Chow or Charlie Yeung!

However, I do agre with some Shirley fans that it is a critical time for her. She must release a new cantonese album during this summer (the golden period), or a lot of her fans will die!!! (like me!!! Help!!!)

From Philip Yeung
July 26, 1996.

I am in LA and from time to time artists from HK will come to the states for their concerts. I will only go to 'e's and Jacky's concerts since they are the only two artists from HK that really knows how to sing.

'e possess a unique talent in her way of sining....in my opinion. Keep it Up!

From "Shirley's die-hard fan Albert
July 23, 1996.

Shirley Kwan is a real idol, she's stylish, she's cool and she's real real great!! I DO think she's the best singer in town. I don't know why people are always comparing her with other female singers, like Cass Pang or Faye Wong. Oh, come on! gimme (or her) a break, ok? And also don't just focus on her romance stories PLEASE!! I'm only concern when Shirley'll release her new album, AND NOT new song in various album! I longed for her new album! Shirley, I'll always support u like I always do, and some day u'll prove that u're the BEST!!

From Jonathan Wong
July 20, 1996.

Shirley's been so great... I started listening to her music when she first came out... She's been the one and only best female vocal in Hong Kong! I like her a lot!! From the last few albums, Shirley's proved that her talent is infinite!

From Ling Ling
July 20, 1996.

Few years ago, a HK radio DJ said that Shirley was the hot pop queen of HK. I totally agreed. Her voice is so special so sexy. No HK female singer can sing better she does. She never copy other singers' singing style or even image. I have all her albums but I'm looking forward of her next album badly. Please Shirley makes your decision whether you want to stay in Polygram or not. All of your fans are looking forward of your new songs and your next concert.

From Flora Lai
July 19, 1996.

Keep up the good work.I always on her side.

From Perry
July 18, 1996.

Since her first ablum released. I'm her super fan. So I hope that she may apply for more concert. That people will hear more from her. And I am dying for her new album.

From bb
July 14, 1996.

The best will come to the best. Go for it Shirley!!

From Stanley Lam
July 13, 1996.

I love her very much, she is the best female singer in Honk Kong.

From Bond Leung
July 13, 1996.

I don't know to use what words to express how I love Shirley.I am totally impressed by her voice and song. She is a star. In Hong Kong, no one can replace her possion. She is unique, forever.

From Denise Hou
July 12, 1996.

Shirley ??



Actually, she's UNIQUE.

Her style is soooooo special !!

I love her !!

From Benny Lim
July 12, 1996.

I like shirley's songs alot.She has a singing style that is very unique and is not found in other singers. I hope that she will continue her career.

From Paul Tsang
July 9, 1996.

I love her.

From William Lau
July 7, 1996.

Shirley Kwan is the best female singer in Hong Kong. Although she is not the most popular singer, she is the greatest singer in my heart! Her voice is make me unforgettable, her singing style is different to others.I love Shirley forever!!

From Kevin Kwek
July 7, 1996.

Shirley Kwan in one of my many favourite HK singers. She is comparable to the likes of other great HK stars like Faye. I simply love her songs (Cantonese) and she is truly gorgeous.

From Yip Chi Kay
July 6, 1996.

Shirley, your voice is the LUMest in the world! LUM DIE!

(p.s.I like your voice from the beginning to now, but i like you style a few years ago, I love you)

From Lee Peng
July 5, 1996.

I'm totally amazed when I entered this site. I'm Shirley's fan from Singapore since 1989. Unfortunately, Shirley did not come here for any promotion on her two Chinese. Nevertheless, I'm still her great fan. In Hong Kong, there aren't many news about Shirley and in Singapore, it's even worse. It all about Faye, Cass and the four heavenly king. I really feel sad about it 'cos I have really got no idea what's going on. Why hasn't Shirley come out with any ablum since her concert? The Contract problem is not published here in Singapore at all and was surprised to find out so many things about Shirley and the contract with PolyGram from this site.

I think that Shirley's vocal is comparable to Cass Phang and Faye Wong. Perhaps in Hong Kong, like what others said, there is a trend that it's Cass's time, people will go after her. So when is Shirley's coming. I here in Singapore waiting!!

She is born to perform and sing! I only notice she had a concert last year when the LD release here in Singapore!! Poor me!! In Singapore there aren't many people know her. Even her ablums are not popular in stores!! Maybe Shirley should come over to the South East Asia like what Cass Phang had done. Really pray hard that she comes. Maybe someone in Hong Kong should pass the message to her that there are fans in Singapore waiting for her......

From Maggie Nguyen
July 4, 1996.

Shirley Kwan is a great singer, her voice sound like bird chirping. Every single song she sang is all different than other singers. Sounds terrific. We should compare Shirley with Faye Wong, Anita Mui, Sally Yip... They are queens of HK pop!!!

From Anonymous
July 4, 1996.

I think she is cool!

From Gloria
July 2, 1996.

An unique and excellent singer in Hongkong!

From Oscar Chong
July 1, 1996.

A true singer. She was borned to be on stage. :)

From Rick Eymer
June 27, 1996.

I've only recently been introduced to Shirley's music, but it's already taken it's toll on me. I'm going to start searching the music stores in the S.F. Bay Area for her music. Saw her on television in a bar in Hong Kong, then bought a few of her CD's. She can sing to me in any language.

From John Hsu
June 26, 1996.

Awesome singer.

From Vanessa Li
June 23, 1996.

I loved her performance in the Salem concert last Wed. night!!!!

I hope she will have a concert soon!!

Also, does her fan club have a variety of events or activity???

I think it should organise a bit more of these things?!

I hope Shirley is well, and I hope to see her more often in shows etc.!!!! Cuz I have been one of her loyal fans since like a long time ago!

From Shirley Soh
June 17, 1996.

Shirley, one of the most admired singers of mine in the Hong Kong Entertainment Scene. She has not only excellent vocals but a sweet look as well. Her smile is sincere and she is certainly one of the "heavenly queens" in Hong Kong. Shirley, I will always support you!

From gchoi@global.co.za
June 15, 1996.

I'm very impressed by Shirley's singing techniques since her album Ex-All Time Favourites. She is the who can really bring up a song by her outstanding performance. I enjoy her "alternative" style songs very much.

From Frankie Woo
June 14, 1996.

First of all, I have to say that at the very beginning when she release her first album, I was not a fans of Shirley, even a bit disliked her. However, years go by and I found that her song had become better and better and after the last year's concert, she become the most favourite female singer of mine.

In my opinion of her contract with PolyGram and the matter of she is "Tin Hou" or not, I think that she should leave PolyGram and find another record company that really take music in a more serious attitude. Since PolyGram is not that kind of company, I think Shirley had to think about this matter very carefully. And I think all we know that Shirley is a "low profile " person. She had said, in many time and places, that she just want to make her good music and don't want to care about the rating and other "business-like" matter. So I think we should repect her choice and better not push her too much.

From Gilbert K. Y. Lam
June 12, 1996.

After seeing her first concert, I have been seldom to see and hear the news about her in the TV or newspaper. Actually, I know that this fact is due to the contract problem with the Polygram. When the contract of the singers with great-earning profitability or great talent (the pillar in the singing field) of the PolyGram Records Limited is mature, the senior officials of PolyGram usually will use one of the strategies "freezing" to treat its artists like my most favourite singer Shirley Kwan for a purpose to force them to make the new contract with PolyGram. To create a false picture towards these artists that if you don't make new contract with PolyGram, you will be unpopular than before in the coming future.

Shirley Kwan is facing the above problem mentioned. This means that she is one of the useful singers in eyes of the Polygram and her past achievements in the singing field is affirmed by the company.

In my opinion, Shirley should choose to continue to stay in PolyGram because PolyGram gives her a lot of opportunities to develop different styles of song and image. Needless to say, PolyGram is the greatest record company in local and even in the world so that it possess a great influence in the local singing field. Therefore, Shirley should consider deliberately to continue to stay in or not. If Shirley wants to choose a new company which is comparable with PolyGram, I think that it is impossible. PolyGram has a good relationship with mass media particular TVB. As you know, the local singing field is major back up by TVB because Hong Kong people would like to see TV more than listen to radio and TVB is the monopoly of the local music field in its industry. In this way, if Shirley chooses to stay in Polygram, her potential will be continued to be explored through the well establishment of relationship with mass media of the Polygram.

In the long run of the career prospect, Shirley, I would suggest you to continue to stay in Polygram.

From F. L. Lee
June 12, 1996.

Shirley is truly a great singer and I have to believe, that it is true that Shirley is more popular overseas than in HK.

Perhaps the people overseas are less drawn to the hectic "Faye trend" and appreciate Shirleys music more because of this.Her music is an art all by itself!!!!!!!!!!

From C. K. S.
June 6, 1996.

I think she is a very good singer. However, why she can't be as popular as other "Queen Singers". Unfortunely, it is not due to her bad performance. The reason is the not good relationship with journalists. Very oftenly, I can hardly see Shirley's news in the newspaper especially in the Oriental Daily News. They regard Shirley as unimportant. But in fact they are totally wrong. I know that many people are interested in Shirley's news.

Another thing I want to point out is I think Shirley's performance is quite unstable. When she is in life performance, I always worry about her with not enough breath to sing. I hope in the future time she can perform in life as good as in record.

From Tweety
June 6, 1996.

Hello, everybody. Well, I agree with Steven Chan that Shirley is not very fortunate since this three years. Although the public in HK shifts their attention from Shirley to the other female singers; however, I don't think her REAL fans follow this stupid and nonsense trend. I believe her real fans continue to support her especially when she is in depression. For me, I just hide my blessing and support in my heart. I don't know how to express it, but I really hope that one day Shirley will know the presence of this site. I am sure that she can get a lot of supports and feedbacks from ours than everywhere (even better than her fan club).

Don't give up , Shirley! Life is a long journey. I believe one day you can change your fortune and have a bright future.

From Steven Chan
June 2, 1996.

After I've read all the comments made by other guests, I would like to express the following personal thoughts. Since I am not good at organizing, I'll just list my thoughts in points form:

  1. This site is excellent, I'm astounded. The way it's organized: graphics, info on Shirley & the feedback from everyone is first-rated.
  2. I am a big fan of Shirley, loves her songs since her first album, & I agree with other guests in this site that she is definitely very unique & very talented.
  3. I believe that for the past 2-3 yrs, Shirley is very unfortunate. After a very successful start in the business & some very popular albums, she is on her way to be top singer -- "Tin Hau", like Sandy Lam. But, suddenly comes Faye Wong. Faye got extremely popular afterwards (I've to agree Faye is good, but personally I don't like her way of singing, she's a copycat), and everyone's attention go to Faye. (PLS remember that in HK, lots of people are just followers. If you like Faye & he likes Faye, I'll like Faye too, you know Faye is "THE TREND") Guess what happen to Shirley? A huge fall in her career, although actually her albums & her singing technique is getting BETTER & BETTER. The problem is that the public does not care about Shirley's improvement, because their attention has shifted to Faye, how's her new style, her new songs, who's her boyfriend etc... (REMEMBER, "FAYE IS THE TREND") I know that Shirley gets more support form overseas than in HK (I can tell since I am form Canada, and pls look at other guests' e-mail address in this site, ".ca" means from Canada) & it shows that without the "TREND" effect, people will actually realize Shirley's telent.
  4. In the past 12 months, "FAYE IS THE TREND" effect has cool down a little bit, and actually it is a good time for Shirley to come back to the top. (a good concert follows by a few good albums then another good concert within 3 yrs will do). Unfortunately, because of contract problem between Shirley & PolyGram. After her "GREAT" concert, nothing follows. That is very, very sad, because now is the "right time". No one is actually "Tin Hau" now & only a few female singers -- Cass, Faye, Priscilla & Shirley, in my opinion, has the telent and the right elements to become the top. In such a competitive world, Shirley CANNOT stopped while others are doing concerts, making new albums & improving. Shirley's future depends on how soon she can clear her contract problem, and focus on her job again.
  5. While a lot of guests in this site suggest that she should leave PolyGram, I have a different opinion. Yes, they are right, PolyGram is extremely "stupid" & I hate them for what they did to Shirley (no new albums for almost 1.5 yrs). But you have to understand that PolyGram still has the best ingredients & resources in HK to help Shirley to the top & it is a big risk to leave Polygram (see what happen to Hacken Lee). I would suggest to Shirley for the follow 2 options (I believe OPTION A is a better choice):


    Stay in PolyGram, but make sure PolyGram commits their FULL EFFORT & SUPPORT on Shirley. It is very hard to persuade PolyGram to do that since they have other potential female singers too (eg Priscilla & Vivian), but I think it is possible. For example, ask them to take a look at this web site, see how many real fans out there supporting Shirley. Present & persuade to them that Shirley is their best choice & Shirley is the best female singer in HK, let them know that SHE HAS THE RIGHT INGREDIENTS TO BECOME THE BEST SINGER IN HK: "she has the best voice, the best song, and the best style with passion and love from her performance etc.", been in the industry for some time & has good publicity, people like her songs, excellent fans that support her (consider that no new album for such a long time but so many people still support & loves her), & very important she has talent. I believe if PolyGram is willing to put their effort on Shirley, she can be the most popular female singer in HK.


    Move to a new records company. Shirley has to be EXTREMELY careful with this. Pls focus on how the new company can help & support her, not how much they pay her. Again, she has to choose a company that is willing to COMMIT itself to help her to the TOP. Also, it is very important that the new company has that ability (financially & experience) to do so. Since I am not very familiar with HK's records company, my suggestion may not be a good one, but I believe "Rock Records" is a good choice. I have a feeling that they are serious about producing good quality music. The only problem is that they do not have a contract with TVB, & without the publicity help form TVB, it is very hard to become the top.
  6. Shirley may stays in PolyGram or moves to another records company, BUT SHE NEEDS A NEW ALBUM NOW. It is impossible for her to survive in the industry any longer without a new album coming soon. The public will soon forget her. (REAL FANS LIKE YOU & ME WILL NOT)
  7. And I would like to say that Shirley still has a few things to improve on: First, she need to improve on her live performance, she always has problems with the first 1-2 songs, seems like she needs warm up, then afterwards, she performs well. Secondly, she need to improve her communication skills with the press, because if you do it in the right way, the press could help you a lot on your career (eg Anita Mui, Alan Tam). Thirdly, pls do something to her teeth & gain some weight, remember, impression you made to others are very important. I expected that many fans will say that as long as she can produce good songs, there is no reasons she need to make so many changes, but pls remember that in this real world, if you do not improve on every aspects you can, you will not succeed. And you have to be the BEST to survive. Else, you will just fade out after a few years. And since I am a big fan of Shirley, I would like to see her to be the best, to go to the top which I believe she is more than capable of doing so.
  8. The following months are very critical to Shirley, she has to have a very clear mind, know what she wants & make the right decision. And I wish her best luck in the future. I know if she can survive this moment, with a bit of luck, her future will be very bright indeed. Shirley, I will support you forever!!!

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