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cover Title:Empathy new songs + compilations
心靈相通 新曲 + 精選
Producer:Joseph Ip & Lam Ming Yeung
Date of Release:April 10, 1997.
Ref.:533 120-2

From Frederick Au
April 15, 1997.
Rating: A

The grade is based on the 4 new (or not so new) songs: Dancing on the Cloud (#1), infection (#2), Moonlight Song (#3), and Talking to Oneself (#14). Try to pay particular notice to these new songs, U will be able to observe that Shirley's pronounciation of Cantonese is rather vague when singing. Such ambiguity in pronounciation, however, becomes the UNIQUE feature of Shirley's way of singing. In this aspect Shirley is VERY successful :) in developing her own musicial style. This feature can be traced back to her last album "EX: All Time Favourites", but it is fully developed in this collection, and is particularly obvious in Tracks #2 (infection) and #3 (Moonlight Song). And if U try to compare these new songs with older ones like Twin Stars Love Song (#11) and Don't Say No (#12), U will surely be able to observe the differences; that Shirley has totally changed her way of singing.

The cover photos are definitely the best of Shirley.

My favourites is infection (#2) and why us? (#10, an old song). Besides, the transition from #9 (Love conquered my heart) to #10 (Why Us?) and from #1 (Dancing on the Cloud) till #3 (Moonlight Song) are all very smooth.

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