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November 27, 2012

It has been 4.5 years since 'e space was last updated. What's up? Something extraordinarily important: Your Favorite Shirley Kwan Suk'E in concert 關淑怡演唱會2013 is coming soon. Book your tickets here.

A teaser video - <<陀飛輪>> covered by Shirley has been posted to YouTube.

April 28, 2008

Long time no see! About 500 photos taken by lmk in unexpected SHIRLEY KWAN IN CONCERT 2008 are posted to Gallery.

March 18, 2006

August 08, 1999

With the online presence of Hong Kong well-known newspapers, we shall not translate news articles anymore. Instead, we will point you to the news article itself. Don't worry if your browser cannot display Chinese. We also provide image capture of the web page containing that article.

July 23, 1999

You can download a short report by TVB Man's Frontier on Live Shirley Kwan Concert in RealVideo format.

Courtesy of Bono Tsang of Anthony Wong Collectables.

July 15, 1999

New page Links To Other Internet Resources is added to Trivia section.

July 14, 1999

We are sorry that we are not able to keep 'e space updated as frequently as in the past. If we can shoot good photos during the upcoming 903 Live Shirley Kwan Concert, we will put exclusive pictures to Gallery.

The development of 'e space version 2 had been suspended. We cannot tell when will 'e space have a new look. However, being the first web site dedicated to Shirley Kwan, we would try our very best to make 'e space running perfectly. In case you've forgot the last month of this century is the 4th anniversary of 'e space, the Splash Screen may give you a flashback.

A newsgroup fans.shirleykwan is recently created. Point your favorite news readers to news server news.freeforum.org and search for the group fans.shirleykwan .

Gallery has been completely revised, with no more broken links. Two [1,2] new pictures are added to New Year Concert - February 22, 1996 while a new picture is added to New Year Concert - February 23, 1996.

June 1, 1998.

We have moved to http://www.espace.org. Along with the new domain name, we are also getting our own web server. This gives us more flexibilities in designing the site, and allows us to making use of more sophisticated features like site-wide searches, etc. Please update your bookmarks, as this would be our permanent home.

April 28, 1998.

Ever wondered how Shirley looked when she was in high school? Check out the photo we have in the Gallery section. Courtesy of Brent Goodwin.

Information and lyrics for the new compilation, Shirley 32 Top Selects [關淑怡 32 首選] are available.

We have obtained the scans of the covers of Shirley's CDV's from Joe Yan of 'e File. The Discography is now complete.

March 20, 1998.

Information for Shirley's latest album, e Zone is online.

December 21, 1997

We have moved again from http://home.hkstar.com/~espace/shirley/ to http://home.hkstar.com/~espace/ for a more concise URL. Please make note of the change.

The latest addition to 'e space is the song Take Me to the Dance [帶我去跳舞] is Real Audio format. It is the theme song of CR2's Radio play The Tales of New Age [新人類年代記].

December 15, 1997.

We are back in business! Due to the untimely shutdown of the ISP that hosted 'e space, we were disconnected from the net for two weeks. We are now located at http://home.hkstar.com/~espace/shirley/. Please update your bookmarks.

'e list was affected as well. The list server disappeared, and we had to rebuild the member list from the journals we have. We tried our best to put everyone that was in the list on the new one, but omissions might occur. If you were on the list, but you did not receive a message from us, please use the subscription form to sign on again. We apologize for the inconvenience.

With the demise of the list server, the List Archive has been redone with the mail archive we keep ourselves. Updated to the last message sent out by the old list server.

The News and Guestbook pages has been updated.

Finally, we wish to take this opportunity to say, "Welcome back to 'e space!"

June 22, 1997.

Due to many reasons, we were not able to keep 'e space as up-to-date as we want in the past two months. Expect more regular updates from now on.

Guestbook and Lyrics sections has been updated. Other areas will be updated in the coming week.

April 10, 1997.

Shirley's long-anticpated album, Empathy [心靈相通], is released today. The album includes two new songs, titled Dancing on the Clouds [雲上舞] and Infection [傳染]. A remixed version of her duet with The Grasshoppers, Moonlight Melody [月光曲], along with 11 previously released tracks, are included in the album. More information will be available shortly.

April 7, 1997.

"Why there hasn't been much updates lately?", we have been asked. Like everyone else, we are still waiting for Shirley's long-overdue new album, Empathy [心靈相通], and there hasn't been much news about her recently. But rest assure that if something happens, we are committed to be the first to let you know.

December 22, 1996.

PolyGram has released a Mandarin compilation titled Obsession [迷戀 關淑怡精選集].

November 16, 1996.

Shirley's first Video CD, titled PolyGram VCD . Shirley Kwan - Are There Any Real Friends In Life MTV Karaoke [寶麗金影音光碟 . 關淑怡 - 人生可有知己 MTV 卡拉 OK], was released.

October 19, 1996.

For those who missed it, we've some screen shots from the Lam Hoi Fung's short feature Out of the Blur in the Gallery.

October 4, 1996.

Thirty new photos has been added to the Gallery. Check them out!

September 18, 1996.

After some technical difficulties, it's finally here. We're happy to present 'e list for Shirley Kwan suk 'e, a mailing list for discussing matters related to Shirley Kwan. For subscription information, please take a look at our Guestbook page.

August 23, 1996.

The song list and lyrics of Shirley's latest compilation are available in the Albums section.

August 22, 1996.

Copies of Shirley's new compilation album, PolyGram 88 Ultimate Fidelity Series - Shirley Kwan [寶麗金 88 極品音色系列 . 關淑怡] are in the stores! Further information will be available shortly.

August 17, 1996.

Another web site dedicated to Shirley, 'E xquisite by Coffee has been launched. You can find a few nice pictures of Shirley there.

August 6, 1996.

There's a short piece on 'e space in the July 19, 1996, issue of Summer Net Fun, a magazine bundled with MingPao Daily News.

August 3, 1996.

A message from Shirley and our reply.

Jaffe Ling, a frequent contributor to 'e space, has put up his own `E Theatre. You can find some magazine articles and interviews with Shirley there.

July 2, 1996.

Take a look at the Albums section for the covers of all of the Japanese albums. Now you won't have any problems spotting them in the stores!

A lot of new information had been added to the Trivia section. If there's anything you know but not in there, please send us an email so that we can share the information with others.

June 19, 1996.

What do you think of our new header graphics? Hope you like them.

Thanks again to Jaffe Ling, the lyrics of the songs in the Mandarin album Happy Are Those In Love [難得有情人] are online. Those in Hongkong might want to take a look at his The Secret Garden BBS at (852) 2777-3597.

May 27, 1996.

Courtesy of Jaffe Ling, the lyrics of the songs in all of Shirley's Cantonese albums, plus her second Mandarin album, Ex All Time Favorites, are available now. Jaffe, a very big "Thank You" for your contribution to 'e space!

May 19, 1996.

Things might seem to be going a bit slow here lately, but we're hardly sitting still. In response to your requests, 'e space will gain a listserv mailing list soon!

Also, the development of 'e space version 2.0 is under way. Let's see how much cool stuff we can jam through an average modem line without making you wait forever. If there're anything you'd like to see, please feel free to drop us a line.

April 3, 1996.

Fifty-five new photos are available in the Gallery.

April 1, 1996.

We are happy to present to you the Charts and Trivia sections. Check them out! The Charts page is best viewed in a very big window.

Currently, only limited information is available in the Trivia section. Given the sheer number of songs, events, music videos, etc., Shirley had participated in, it will never be complete without YOUR help. If you know anything that can be added to it, please drop us a line. Hopefully in time, we'll be able to build a substantial database. No information is too trivial to be included!

Have you sent in your votes yet? After another update of the Poll Booth, Ex All Time Favorites and Are There Any Real Friends in Life [人生可有知己] remain the favorite album and favorite song by a comfortable margin.

March 24, 1996.

For those who missed Shirley's New Year Concerts, you can read about them in the Guestbook. Courtesy of Jaffe Ling.

March 13, 1996.

'e space is featured in PC Home Magazine! Click here for the GIF version of the article(449kB). We would like to express our appreciation for their support, and we would try our best to make 'e space even better.

March 11, 1996.

You asked for more pictures, and here they are! New photos from the first Lunar New Year Concert and the third show are online.

The new 'e space Exclusive icon Icon marks the photos shot especially for 'e space. You can't find them anywhere else.

How do you like our new Noticeboard button with animated GIF? Can't see the animation? Get a copy of Netscape Navigator 2.0. The What's New section had been renamed Noticeboard, to better reflect its contents. Check this space for noteworthy additions and announcements.

Those of you with sharp eyes would have noticed that we've bumped the version number up to 1.1.1. For the full version history and more, take a look at our About page.

March 6, 1996.

The photos from the first two Lunar New Year Concerts are available in the Gallery!

February 26, 1996.

We're busy scanning and preparing the photos shot by LMK in Shirley's three concerts held during Lunar New Year. Stay tuned.

February 2, 1996.

More Reviews had come in. Don't be shy and tell us what you think of the albums!

Thanks to Frederick, we now have the information and song lists for the four CDVs of Shirley. Click on the questions marks in the Discography to see them.

The News Update page and the Guestbook had been updated. As these pages are updated every two or three days, they'll not be announced here from now on. So keep your eyes on the tags.

January 27, 1996.

The Reviews page had been updated. Keep the reviews coming!

The song lists of the Japanese albums are available now. You can access them through the Discography. Contributed by Frederick.

The entries for the Shirley's three CDVs are added to the Discography. Unfortunately, we've no further information on them.

January 25, 1996.

One of the additions in version 1.1 is this What's New section. Major changes will be announced here.

The Albums section is reorganized, with the addition of the new Reviews section. Tell us what you think about Shirley's albums!

The Version History page is expanded to the page About 'e space, with information on the creation of this site and a FAQ. And in case you haven't noticed, you can find the link to the About 'e space page, as well as the date when 'e space is last updated, at the bottom of the Home page.


We need your help! If there are anything you can contribute, or if you have any suggestions or comments, please send them to Keith & LMK. Special thanks to Andrew for his fabulous artwork.